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BlackSun: Which is why this is such a big deal to me, since I never gave in to installing Steam on any of my machines, from when it was released back in the day until I'll die. It's either this, or none.
Sepix: oh wow, so i'm not the only one. i have a couple of hundred games here, but just a dozen or so on steam. i thought gog are the cool guys and i was proud supporting the "cause" with my money.

now i'm sitting here with(out) this broken beta that is killing tags (thus my whole, tagged library), being ignored by the developers. this is the very moment gog is going to sh*t mark my words, i wish i had all those games i have here over at steam, at least their client supports basic library functions and i'm pretty sure it will continue doing so ... gaaah!
Exactly, I will soon write an essay about that, when I process all that happened on GOG in last couple of years, since first GOG Galaxy came out.
In a last few days I have a feeling like my money, all of it (almost 700 games I bought from 2014 to 2020; from 2010 to 2014 I was sick/in hospital/jobless) went to production of this abomination of One Client To Run Them All™.
I can not say that I wish I bought all games elsewhere, but newer games, where updates are frequent and always late on GOG and particularly on offline installers and now website don't even show when something is updated.
It's a shame and just this weekend I transferred, almost my entire GOG wishlist (200+ games) to Steam; and that's just the first thing. See you later! Maybe!
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Is there a way to get the old game tiles back, like the ones used on Not a fan of these more cropped tiles.