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Hi, I like GOG philosophy and consumer-friendly openness and I appreciate the focus of the GOG Galaxy development being in the game management experience. For me, GOG Galaxy 2 is the step in the right direction. My feedback is mostly about UX design of the Store, not directly about GOG Galaxy. By Store I mean the whole interface where I search for games which might be interesting for me or I am checking whether a game is relevant to me (e.g. game description, user reviews, etc).

GOG Highlights page
Purpose to ever visit the GOG Highlights page is to find whether there is a game interesting for me. Word "interesting" means both price/offer and gameplay, e.g.: I do not play FPS games so I am not interested in those games even when they are for free.
GOG Highlights page contains the following information: game name, game picture, price, discount, platform, library and wishlist status. For games I know, it is sufficient: the interface is clean, easy to read and gives the most important info. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with most of the games. For those games, the interface is near to useless. Do you want to buy the title "ZXCVB" with a 75% discount for 5€? I need to open the game page. Problem is: I need to do it with basically all games. The interface does not help me at all. It does not even give me insight into the genre of the game - just this relatively simple information would save me clicking to most of the games!
GOG responsiveness is not much different from e.g. Steam. I need to wait 1-2 sec every time. While it is not crippling, it can be annoying when you are forced to change pages very often.

GOG All Offers page
Added filters: price range, system, features (e.g. achievements or leaderboards), language do not make the page much better over GOG Highlights. Simply expand with a genre or score filter could help a lot.

The other option is to not force me to "return" and spend again those 1-2 sec. If I would have an option to open a game page (overlay?) and still remain on current page (e.g. GOG Highlight). This would immidiately reduce the wasted "transition time" (1-2 sec there + 1-2 sec back) to half!