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Still having this exact same problem if anyone has found a solution?

Is the latest update of Gog Galaxy available to download online somewhere and install manually?

Any help greatly appreciated.
Same here for years at this point; gog game updates are utterly broken. Pretty sloppy of them to not even get their client working right.
If so many like me are having issues with GOG, sending the computer details is hardly the issue.
All that is doing is feeding the machine to outdate your system when it comes to games running well
They say oh well you need to update you system, your graphics your OS. Anything but accepting the problem is mostly at GOG end and the poor software and programming
Lets face it
, GOG needs to seriously up the reliability of the platform
I am sick of having to reinstall GOG
I am also have issue with Rockstar platform. Hmm suspicious
I just think their platforms may look nice, however I would rather have a platform that is practical and works , rather than a platform that looks great and is unreliable to so many