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The goal behind GOG GALAXY 2.0 is to bring all your games and friends together in one place. Today, a new partner joins us and takes us another step closer to achieving it.

We’re happy to add to GOG GALAXY 2.0 the official integration with Epic Games Store, which is the second most connected external platform in the app, says Oleg Klapovsky, SVP at GOG. Together with GOG.COM and Xbox Live, those official integrations are bringing a more seamless and reliable experience to gamers.

We’re excited that Epic Games Store integration has come to GOG GALAXY 2.0, said Steve Allison, General Manager of the Epic Games Store. It’s an important step towards breaking down walls between PC stores, as it enables a unified experience for players to manage their PC games library independent of where their games were purchased.

The new official integration is the latest addition to GOG GALAXY 2.0, which we’re constantly improving with features requested by gamers. One of the recently added was the ability to see all your gaming subscriptions in one place. It helps gamers to conveniently browse, install, and launch games from an overwhelming amount of titles available on each subscription.
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This is pretty good news, well done!:)

Epic talking about 'breaking down walls' between PC stores while forcefully buying timed exclusives is kind of odd...
But it is a good move either way.
With Epic and Microsoft leading the way hopefully the other platforms will follow suit!
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Yeah, this one is definitely much more important than solving problems with missing GOG games and stuck downloads.

Do you even look into your bug tracker?
The official integration isn't showing up for me in the client. Is there a way to trigger an update of the integrations?

Edit: Nevermind. It looks like eventually the client update triggered.
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Looking forward to the official integration with Steam and the end of the beta.
This is actually a really good thing. Let's hope some more publisher/launcher will go that way.
Also get ready to update that integration for some more features like achievements, looking at epics trello board, that is one thing to come sooner or later :P
Really great to hear that the list of officially supported integrations is finally expanding as this is promoted as the main feature of Galaxy 2.0.
But it would be even more great if GOG will take care of most popular and most painful integration - Steam.
It is broken all the time and I'm not using Galaxy 2.0 because of this.
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This is a really good app but I don't know how to link my epic account
RK_Rapid: This is a really good app but I don't know how to link my epic account
Open Galaxy 2.0.... top left side open settings... click on Add games and friends click add platforms.. look for Epic click on connect
I still see Epic on Community Integrations and I don't see it on Official Integrations. Is this not up yet or do I need to do something else to work?

EDIT: It seems that meanwhile the app updated and now I see it.
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I really don't notice any difference from before? You still can't install games from Galaxy.
@Pomfinebara and I might add that it still doesn't auto-close Epic after you quit a game.
I love the app, i really do, but this integration is broken for psn, its always offline and even linked i had to go through source code because the thing would otherwise show me only "time out server" error, so please, i love it, so just fix it, i have more games on ps 4 then i ever had on pc, not to mention i have with ps3 and vita around almost 600, sadly those two are left out, but anyway if this will be only count ps4, still please fix it.
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OK... I mean... it's cool, but...

You still haven't addressed the fact that Galaxy 2.0 is still obviously not ready for launch, still losing games even just within your own network, let alone the problems with third-party integrations, and is still labelled as being in beta... and is being FORCED on ALL users in violation of "opt out of beta testing" preferences.

Maybe address some of the high-severity problems that already exist, and... like... I dunno, roll back to providing proper access to the last known stable client version?

You've been saying "let's talk" in the other topic, but in OVER FIFTY PAGES of user feedback, there's been no response. You really need to work on your communication here...
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obliviondoll: OK... I mean... it's cool, but...

You still haven't addressed the fact that Galaxy 2.0 is still obviously not ready for launch
It's mentioned in many places (like just under the download button in the gog galaxy website) that it's still a beta.

So, yeah, maybe it's unrealistic to expect it to be as stable as a stable version, don't you think ?