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Welcome to GOG GALAXY 2.0 closed beta forum thread! If you’re here, it probably means you’re already part of the beta or are waiting for your access – please be patient as we’re sending invites on a first come first served basis. And if you’re not signed up yet, you can still do it here.
We’re starting this thread to have a place to discuss with you your ideas and feedback about GOG GALAXY 2.0 – tell us what you like or dislike about the app, what features we are missing, which platform integrations you’d like to see, and share any other feedback regarding the app. Also, drop your questions about GOG GALAXY 2.0 and we’ll try to answer them if we can :)
We’ve been testing GOG GALAXY 2.0 for some time already in our internal and alpha tests and gathered feedback, so some of the topics you want to discuss might already be addressed by us – please check the list of known issues that we’re aware of and we’re working on.
Let’s talk!
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I am trying it out with the Epic Game Store first and it's pretty cool to see those games in a unified launcher I must say. I like the design of the covert art and new interface as well. The color scheme is cool and different. I like that it lets you rate games, especially since most clients that aren't Steam don't have this built in. I don't see a playtime counter though, which I expected.

Posted a couple threads about issues. Hope to try more later.
I hope you guys can change the boring background of the app to be something more dynamic, something like Windows Acrylic design:
Is anyone else experiencing an excessive (given it's an app, after all) rise in GPU temperatures when using GOG Galaxy 2.0? Normal Desktop environment, with GOG Galaxy opened (plus browser window), my GTX 1080 Ti was working at 57-58°C; I closed the app, and now I'm at 45-47 °C (outside temperature is currently quite high where I live in Italy, but that's beside the point).
'Recently played by me' list does not update. Tried playing origin, steam, uplay, playstation games. The last played games still do not show up as newest game on the list.
The_Icon: I hope you guys can change the boring background of the app to be something more dynamic, something like Windows Acrylic design:
I like this a lot but I hope they stay away from anything proprietary for the sake of not making Linux platform support even more difficult for themselves.
How do I add some custom games and platforms? I saw Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pop up on my feed and I'm jealous now.
Ok i got the email and downloaded the new client at the start asks me to log in, when i do so i get this:

How do i get the email with the download link and then says im not invited?
gogbug.png (15 Kb)
looking forward to my invite. If not, then thre must be a REALLY limited number. Or did I somehow earn a blacklisting..?
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signed up but no invite yet, excited to try it out!
chipep123: Why do you only let so few people in? I registered the first hour you announced it on Twitter and even I did not get an invite. Please let more people in. I would like to test it myself so badly.
Pre-release alpha/beta software is known to be incomplete and have a lot of bugs, and for software such as Galaxy that also includes on the back end servers. Releasing the software to everyone all at once would result in a massive influx of problem reports all at once, overwhelming the servers and the developers in being able to handle all of the problems that are flooding in.

It is generally much more productive to release the software to a limited number of people and see what the volume of incoming problem reports is like, what major issues people are reporting, what the load is like on the servers etc. to get an idea of where to focus development efforts on fixing bugs/problems next, improving the server infrastructure etc. and basically trying to address the biggest critical issues reported to date, and then extend the availability to a wider group of people, and repeat.

By releasing to fewer people all at once it can allow a company to release a test release earlier than they'd otherwise be able to and to get feedback sooner in the cycle on major issues, and general sentiment.

Another option would be to hold back from public announcement/release plans and refine the software internally to be a closer to production state of stability and release it more broadly all at once, which is the approach sometimes chosen by developers.

Other approaches are possible too but they all have their pros and cons.
I am really excited to get involved with this. I even went back and put my email in again to make sure I am in the system.
The idea that I can use GOG to consolidate my game collection is awesome.
I especially am attracted to the business model. More money for the developers is more money for better games.
being consumer freindly is so rare that these two things alone will drive me away from all other game stores.
RIP Epic, Steam and the like.

Oh yea. I preordered Cyberpunk 2077 via GOG.
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can't wait to test, keep it coming... al the new features that is :)

Thank You for Being and Staying awesome.
I have few suggestions that I think would be nice to have.

1. Dark mode for the client (I use Dark Mode on every app that I can)

2. If possible combine the same games in one tile and let user choose what platform to install from when Install button is clicked.

3. If possible combine stats for the same games (if the achievements match between versions of the game).
i.e.: I have Witcher 3 game on Steam and GOG and I would like to have the same stats showed on both platforms. My play time and achievements could be imported to GOG version, etc.
So I saw some pictures in another forum where you can actually post them properly....what about putting the installed games on the left side like how it's in Galaxy 1.2, where you can see and access immediately and at all times?
I just got in and the first thing I noticed, since I've been using it recently with my Vampyr playthrough, is that you don't seem to be able to cancel out of your cloud game sync like you could with the previous iteration of Galaxy. I'm referring to the little x button that used to be there. It's useful if you're playing a game that only does a single autosave and your save file becomes corrupted or you're hit with a game breaking bug.