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Welcome to GOG GALAXY 2.0 closed beta forum thread! If you’re here, it probably means you’re already part of the beta or are waiting for your access – please be patient as we’re sending invites on a first come first served basis. And if you’re not signed up yet, you can still do it here.
We’re starting this thread to have a place to discuss with you your ideas and feedback about GOG GALAXY 2.0 – tell us what you like or dislike about the app, what features we are missing, which platform integrations you’d like to see, and share any other feedback regarding the app. Also, drop your questions about GOG GALAXY 2.0 and we’ll try to answer them if we can :)
We’ve been testing GOG GALAXY 2.0 for some time already in our internal and alpha tests and gathered feedback, so some of the topics you want to discuss might already be addressed by us – please check the list of known issues that we’re aware of and we’re working on.
Let’s talk!
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Today I've shared feedback about GOG Galaxy_ver_2.0 on Google Forms ("Share feedback" option in Galaxy_ver_2.0.14) and want to share it with Community of GOG Gamers (with some minor changes due to privacy):

Here's a short feedback form for GOG GALAXY 2.0. Please help us improve the app by answering the questions below. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes of your time and for us your opinion is invaluable. Many thanks!


Question_Електронна адреса (Your E-mail in English)
Answer_(My E-mail)

Question_Would you use the app on a regular basis once it’s released?
Answer_* Yes (Need to choose between Yes or No)

Question_Please tell us why you made the above choice.
Answer_Automatic update... Huh, I don't want to update to Galaxy_ver_2.0, I want to stay on Galaxy_ver_1.2.67! All reasons for that I've described below!!!

Question_In the order of importance, name up to three features you're missing in the app.
Answer_I can list even more features I like at Galaxy_ver_1.2.67 and that features don't has Galaxy_ver_2.0:
01) My favourite Tags, I've created long time ago (through Site) and and keep them updated (Tags such as Top 20 Games, Favourite Games, Space Games, Next to BackUp and so on). For me - THAT Main feature, why I backed to Galaxy_ver_1.2.67;
02) All Achievements I Earn I could sort by some parameters (Common first, Date of Achievement, and so on) in Galaxy_ver_1.2.67;
03) More Stable work of Galaxy_ver_1.2.67, I want to explain: when I downloaded and istalled Galaxy_ver_2.0 for first time, made all customization, I've encounter with such problem - alot of small videos (GIFs) at GOG store games sites cannot work, same situation were with Twitter, but when I came back to Galaxy_ver_1.2.67 this problem disappeared as if it had never been.
04) Intarface of Galaxy_ver_1.2.67 is really like Interface of GOG site Before 2012 (or 2010, unfortunately I can't remeber exactly when it changed, but I have screenshots of "old" inerface), and I'm - like Lover of those "old" interface for this reason also like interface of Galaxy_ver_1.2.67!
05) This feature wasn't at Galaxy_ver_1.2.67, but made Galaxy_ver_2.0 more interactive (sample: Steam Launcher has in some sections such fuctionality, when hovering - shows screenshots, short videos for quick evaluation of the game, with minimal resource consumption - my own experience).

Question_What platform you'd like to see integrated into the app next?
Answer_(Unfortunately I don't saved answer to this question)

Question_Is there any other feedback you want to share with us about the app?
Answer_Those features that is missed in Galaxy_ver_2.0 (listed above), I understand that not all of them would be implemented to Galaxy_ver_2.0, BUT I REALLY MISS MY TAGS and SORTING feature for Acievements! I know that your Team will be work for make Galaxy_ver_2.0 more stable and with less resources consumption (forr this I do not worry).
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Galaxy 2.0 is NOT ready to be the primary platform yet. It is still being described as beta, but is being automatically rolled out to ALL users with a convoluted and non-user-friendly workaround being the only way to roll back. This option doesn't appear to be supported and is being provided by your USERS and not your STAFF as a solution to the problem.

There are basic aspects of user-friendly functionality present in the prior version of Galaxy (1.2) which are notable by their absence in 2.0 like an option for a proper sidebar game list view. See this request for more info:

The current colour scheme on Galaxy 2.0 is actually more comfortable for me than the brighter 1.2 colour scheme, but that is far from being the case for everyone. Giving users OPTIONS for the colour scheme, including light and dark mode options, is much more sensible than replacing an existing view style many users liked with a new one without any option to revert.

As much as I'm personally comfortable using 2.0 as it stands, it's very obvious that it isn't ready to be a FORCED update for everyone and that the option to roll back to 1.2 NEEDS TO STILL BE SUPPORTED with the current state of Galaxy 2.0 remaining an obvious beta version.
Actually i posted this in another thread but since this is the main feedback discussion post i will put it here too.

I have never even once assigned a tag in galaxy 1.2. I don't even know where that feature is access. Saying that you can assign tags to build a list of installed games on the left side in 2.0, so it looks sort of like 1.2, is basically telling me to use a feature i've never once used, has never been tutorialized, and therefore i have no idea how to access.

I'm probably not the only one who uses galaxy without assigning tags, or sorting games by tags in any view. Building an entire launcher around requiring useage of this feature to make it useable makes it compltly unuseable for me and anyone like me who has never used tags before.

The 1.2 vanilla system just works, for me at least, and this new 2.0 system seems like it would take a degree of effort to make something that would be only superficually similar to the 1.2 version which i found to just work out of the box.
GOG... why?
Rzx22d9: GOG... why?
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Hello Gog-Team,

I never posted a single letter into the Forum but at this point, after five years beeing a completely fan-boy-customer of GoG:
Galaxy 2.0 will not be my primary plattform. I'd rather use the website to download my games.

my MAIN reasons:
a) I didnt found any sort/filter of -> "sort by purchase date". In Galaxy 1.2 this was set by default.
b) No import of my individual game tags

SIDE reasons:
c) There was NO choice of update to 2.0 beta(!)
d) Design but... its force of habbit. I will get used to it. Never mind :)

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this is all incredible disappointing and damaging the brand "gog".
Rzx22d9: GOG... why?
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This sums up my position on the matter. Here's hoping they listen.
A mod corner to access the games' mods would be nice, instead of having to scour the internet for them.

There are some mods which people install as a matter of course, such as widescreen mods. Some mods are even necessary for the sake of compatibility. Having access to these directly from Galaxy 2.0 would greatly improve the ease of use for all games, especially the older ones.
If you disable your gog profile. You will constantly getting "Data can not be loaded" pop ups. That is just how unfinished this client is.
I am guessing they have pushed this one so that they do not have to split resoures on two clients. They could've waited a little bit more. The lack of forum options/notifications looks like a big omission. It seems this clients has been rushed for some reason.
lubwak: I am guessing they have pushed this one so that they do not have to split resoures on two clients. They could've waited a little bit more. The lack of forum options/notifications looks like a big omission. It seems this clients has been rushed for some reason.
guessing it needs to be ready for cyberpunk.
Recently the message "Sorry, we couldn't load the data, Retry" has been popping up. Clicking on retry does nothing.
It appears to have started after the last update.
lubwak: I am guessing they have pushed this one so that they do not have to split resoures on two clients. They could've waited a little bit more. The lack of forum options/notifications looks like a big omission. It seems this clients has been rushed for some reason.
Sepix: guessing it needs to be ready for cyberpunk.
Maybe it will somehow be significant in the last promotional campaign push?