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Welcome to GOG GALAXY 2.0 closed beta forum thread! If you’re here, it probably means you’re already part of the beta or are waiting for your access – please be patient as we’re sending invites on a first come first served basis. And if you’re not signed up yet, you can still do it here.
We’re starting this thread to have a place to discuss with you your ideas and feedback about GOG GALAXY 2.0 – tell us what you like or dislike about the app, what features we are missing, which platform integrations you’d like to see, and share any other feedback regarding the app. Also, drop your questions about GOG GALAXY 2.0 and we’ll try to answer them if we can :)
We’ve been testing GOG GALAXY 2.0 for some time already in our internal and alpha tests and gathered feedback, so some of the topics you want to discuss might already be addressed by us – please check the list of known issues that we’re aware of and we’re working on.
Let’s talk!
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Great Work Guys!!!

i love to see a unify of that launcher mess out there.
Your Launcher got a great Design! Gamelibrary looks very clear.

Only Problem for me is that you can't import the friendslists. i got much friends on Steam, Origin and Uplay and the only reason for me to use your Launcher would be the unifying from all of those lists.

it's annyoing to have 3 launchers open, use 3 friendslists and just one launcher for the actual game -.-
hope to see that feature in the future.

thanks for your work guys and best regards!
Hello !

After login, i have this dialogbox and GOG app closes

(see attachement)

Can not use GOG or play
Achievement Suggestions:

Date Column Display: Display date of achievement instead of having to hover over it.
Sorting: Ability to sort achievements by Name/Details and DateAchieved columns.
Export: Export list of achievments to CSV so I can import into spreadsheet for tracking.
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Hi, I just got the invitation to the beta. Sadly, I can't integrate any of my other platforms. The only official integration available is Xbox Live and there's nothing more in that window but the GitHub search bar (which doesn't seem to work). Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

EDIT: I solved it. I didn't think I would have to install the integrations manually. And when I did, I mistakenly downloaded the source code instead of the release, so it wasn't working. I'm a dummy.
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originalnicodr: Did someone try importing big steam librarys? it got stuck in 50% importing but only imported less than 10% of the library. And because its stuck there it cant import fro other plattaforms.
I saved Steam for last and mine is still in progress, but it has glitched partway through, and it looks like a not-completely rendered login or settings window has popped back up (empty with no UI elements), and for a moment it was (alarmingly) reporting that my library was empty, yet it's still continuing to import games (and it looks like the already tracked games from other platforms are still there if I start navigating through the interface again).
So far, so good
but I would add the ability to import the game from multiple Steam accounts, since I have two Steam and two different games
I don't know whose brilliant idea was to limit the closed beta access to the exact email address the beta was requested from but it was goddamn stupid. I always use Gmail aliases wherever possible. So in that case I added "+galaxybeta". And my GoG account is without any aliases. I think GoG did not support those on sign-up long time ago. So I tried to change the email for my account and made a typo. Wanted to change it again. I cannot do it for another month. Reverted the email back. Password stopped working. Had to reset password. Had to uninstall 2.0 BETA and reinstall because I couldn't use it. Had to import installed games manually for GoG to see them again. Good job, GoG. Yeah, yeah, I know, security measures. Still, goddamn annoying and ridiculous.
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First off. I'm sorry.
But I bought Cyberpunk 2077 on steam, and tthat's the only game that I know of that isn't showing up on my GOG 2.0 page. Even other games that aren't released yet (Halo: MCC) show up and have the info page liked to steam. But CP 2077 doesn't. The option to add games manually only links to the GOG store page or says i bought it on "other," instead of steam
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Not sure if this question is asked already, but can we get teh ability to add own categories ?
I really miss that feature because i come from Steam and my own categories i do not find in GoG. Would be cool to have this here also.
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felonioustub: I just signed up and am getting it set up but I can't get the Playstation connection to work. I keep getting error
'A connection to the server could not be established.

Anyone know what's going on here? All of the other services are connecting fine.
Same issue here. Both on Epic Store integration (I've registered Epic Store via PSN profile) and on PSN too. No match on the error code if I try to search it with Google.
I think you should add grouping to left sidebar, eg. favourite, platforms etc. instead of packing all of it into GAMES.
Like in the attachement.
gog.png (291 Kb)
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I got an invitation to the closed Beta of GoG 2.0 today, however I am unable to install the app.

I would add a screenshot but apparently you cannot uploads images?

The error prompt:
The drive or UNC share you selected does not exist or is not accessible. Please select another.

I never had the option for this during setup, how am I supposed to fix this?
so, I have this issue that I have a huge library (5788 games total)

and under Xbox I have Quantum Break (I never bought this game on Xbox but hey)

so I want to hide it because I don't own it (there were 16 out of 26 games that I didn't even own) but it hides my Steam version as well, I want to hide the Xbox version because it doesn't work

apart from that, randomly the application will close and refresh by itself (maybe too many games?)

otherwise everything works fine, I wish there was a button to refresh or rescan library. I just closed app and reopened to see the newest games show up.
Qristov: I think you should add grouping to left sidebar, eg. favourite, platforms etc. instead of packing all of it into GAMES.
Like in the attachement.
Thanks for the answer, but how can i add categories like favorites and more to the left bar on your picture ? and it would be such a big help to be able to make my own categories still
I'm getting a l ot of "ordinal ### could not be found in dll" during installation.

Program thus fails to install and run.
error1.png (179 Kb)