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BullDemon64: I would like to suggest a platform integration on gog galaxy for 3drealms website like there is one for steam, epic games and more, where do I post this suggestion ?
Most of the integrations are developed by the community, you can ask them to implement it here,
just fill in this form and maybe someone will build an integration.

You can also ask here to add the platform to the Galaxy platforms list, it's used by developers to identify integrations
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hctomash: Hey,

Idea about adding feature to Galaxy:
Ability to sort games listed on bookmarks by date of purchase.

It's only available now to see 25 last added games to all of my accounts (gog, steam, ps, epic and so on).
It would be cool feature imho. Checking which game I forgot and waits more than usual for my attention.
is this still not a thing?
How do I remove games added by community integrations? I disconnected my Origin account but the games are still there?
CthuluIsSpy: How do I remove games added by community integrations? I disconnected my Origin account but the games are still there?
It should be sufficient to:

1) Disconnect the integration

2) delete (or rename) from "%LOCALAPPDATA%\\Galaxy\plugins\installed" the folder of the integration you want to remove

3) restart Galaxy
Game crashed and I didnt turn off computer so galaxy put 58h of gameplay for me. up from 13h. so annoying :)

Any way to adjust that?

its CP77 so i will definetely reach that at one point.

if i cannot adjust it playing it with internet off will work?
I have a problem installing Titan quest. I get error 4 and 15 when I tried to reinstall, I have issues in the past and sent an email to support which was always handled great! Now it has some chatbot which recycles the same question and doesn't help at all. Getting really frustrated, the forums don't address this also.

Is there no email address to ask for support or any option? Please help!
GoG Galaxy Cannot launch because it is running on another account on your computer.
Windows 8.1, Run as Administrator, clean install, no lock files found.
edit: nevermind
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Is there any update on the Steam, Ubisoft, Amazon, etc. integrations?
Is there any work being done or any plans? I just want to know if it makes sense to keep the Galaxy Client on my PC or if I rather should give up hope.
Does gog galaxy API provide user owned gamelist call
Ok, great, I had a long explanatory post and I had to put it in the tray for a minute, but it just deleted it. Long story short, updated GOG Galaxy on Win10 X64, would not work or display, deleted my audio, have not gotten the audio back. Reinstalled the video driver and the audio driver, no go. It sucks hard. Don't use GOG 2.0, it's just too buggy and is causing me a shit ton of work tracking all the problems. I think what happened was, the installer only had up to Win 8 versions, that's what I saw. Hope it doesn't take me weeks to get my audio back. Hell, I own like a hundred games from here.
psychok9: Can u post how?

I need to backup the game, re-download is very slow.
Is there an official way?

Thank you.
Arsen7: I don't know how he did it, but I've recently done something similar.

1) close Galaxy (kill it, because it normally stays minimized in the tray). This is "just in case"
2) move the game (the whole folder) to the new location
3) start Galaxy again, click that funny gear wheel in the top-left corner, select "Add friends and games" (or similar - I'm using a language other than English), and then "Find GOG games in folders". Point it to the folder where you have moved your game.

Galaxy shall then schedule an update, but it shall be just to verify that all the files are OK.
This post will save me so much discomfort and time. Thank you! Just needed a confirmation this method works.
I bought a game on about an hour and it didn`t appear in GOG GALAXY so I can`t play it. What can I do or is it going to fix itself somewhen?
How do you disable DLC? I noticed that the Colorado Edition of Wasteland 3 also comes with one of those silly weapon packs that makes the game easier, so I was wondering how I can remove it through galaxy or control which DLC I want to install.