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skullsplitter: I want to move over a single game to my SSD, is that possible without a complete reinstall?
Edit: found it.
psychok9: Can u post how?

I need to backup the game, re-download is very slow.
Is there an official way?

Thank you.
I don't know how he did it, but I've recently done something similar.

1) close Galaxy (kill it, because it normally stays minimized in the tray). This is "just in case"
2) move the game (the whole folder) to the new location
3) start Galaxy again, click that funny gear wheel in the top-left corner, select "Add friends and games" (or similar - I'm using a language other than English), and then "Find GOG games in folders". Point it to the folder where you have moved your game.

Galaxy shall then schedule an update, but it shall be just to verify that all the files are OK.
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Idea about adding feature to Galaxy:
Ability to sort games listed on bookmarks by date of purchase.

It's only available now to see 25 last added games to all of my accounts (gog, steam, ps, epic and so on).
It would be cool feature imho. Checking which game I forgot and waits more than usual for my attention.
I recently had to get a new computer running Win10, is there a way to import my old GOG-games that I played without GOG Galaxy on WinXP so that I don't lose progression and/or saves? Don't care about time played, I'd rather not know.

Games running on DOSBOX are easy enough to "import" but when Galaxy detected Shadowrun Dragonfall and SRHK it ignored my saves and progess (shows my downloaded content packs just fine, though).

I have full backups of my XP drives so if I have to uninstall stuff it's not a probelm btw.
Don't know if the Galaxy devs are even reading this, but I am BEGGING ON MY KNEES for just one simple feature for years now. PLEASE give me the option to tag and hide games PER PLATFORM. I want to hide only some of my Steam games without hiding them on GOG as well. I can do so if I use different clients and Galaxy is supposed to do everything the single clients are doing ... well it does not. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE with cherry on top.

(And now I am waiting for Galaxy devs to ignore this post as they have ignored all my tickets and feedback reports about the issue)
Maybe they could just add a "NOT" option for filters... it is a so generic function that could be used for a lot of cases.

So if you want to hide something, just tag it "WANTTOSEE" and then use a "NOT WANTTOSEE" filter :P

Or in a more generic way you can do precise filters for games like "Shooter" + "NOT Arcade"
Help! Hope someone can help. My gog account disappeared. At first, when I downloaded gog Galaxy, I used Gmail as my email address. When I tried to log in to the webpage, I needed a second verification code, but my email never received the verification code. I want to turn off the secondary verification on the Galaxy platform and I also need an email verification code, but I can't receive the email at all. So I thought about logging out and re-entering Galaxy, but after logging out, I didn't log in and showed no such account. The strange thing is that when I try to re-register with the original username, it says that the username exists. I can still use my original email address to re-register a new account. But since then I can't restore my previous account at all. However, I already have a lot of games on it and want to remedy it. Can someone help me?
I just bought Inside from Gog and it does not show up in my owned games list. WTF? I tried adding it via the cog thing and it does not give an option to install - it just has "link executable" as an option. I bought it from Gog...

Never mind, although it did not show up as a thumbnail, I found it in the list on the main page...
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i have no idea how to delete a post
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So I just installed GOG Galaxy 2.0
I have now attached my Steam account along with Epic Game Store and some others..

Whenever I try to launch my games it starts by launching the other launchers?
Do I really need these launchers to play my games?
Like wtf?
Another thing you could add:
When will the Linux client become available?
Will it be available for the Steam Deck?
not sure if this goes here. bought a new laptop that wont let me download any of my games because its unverified and the gog downloader is an unverified app. windows 11 s is whats blocking me. Is there anything i can do besides uninstalling 11 s? From what i read its better for your computer to leave it installed. THX
I just installed a a couple of games via offline installers, including DLC but GOG Galaxy wants to download all the DLC again even though it is installed already.
I would like to suggest a platform integration on gog galaxy for 3drealms website like there is one for steam, epic games and more, where do I post this suggestion ?