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Used to have Steam as my main games launcher, but Galaxy 2.0 is so much better. For me, all that lacks, is a Steam-like Overlay for all games and a Steam-like account profile. And, obviously, the integrated all-platforms chat we were promised. But I am waiting.It is still in beta.

Also, I would love from the developers make a roadmap.
I feel exactly the same. Having Galaxy overlay for all games (with features from Steam overlay) would be very cool and practical. I also don't like that I can't access my GOG profile from Galaxy 2.0. The cross-platform Activity tab is kinda useless for me. I like Steam account design but GOG profiles look great too, unfortunately, they don't have that much customization options like on Steam.
Even though I use Discord and Messenger to chat with my friends, the cross-platform chat sounds really awesome and it could come in handy sometimes. Well, Galaxy 2.0 is still in beta, but I hope these features will be added eventually :)