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li_grenadier: Just a few notes on Galaxy 2.0 so far.

1. I'm seeing games in my installed list that are not installed, and are actually DLC for uninstalled games. Examples include DLC from Castlestorm and Pinball FX2, both on Steam. Also, rwo of the DLCs for Ticket to Ride show as Installed Games. None of these appear with artwork.

2. Artwork issues - Some games have none, which makes sense if there is no source for those games. Others have artwork from PS4 or Xbox versions, even though these are all PC. There are quite a few where the images do not fit in the slot for a box cover, and instead display a portion of what seems to be a too large image. Seems like these could be auto-resized to fit. Examples: Audiosurf, Back to the Future episodes (Telltale), Battleplan: American Civil War, and many others.

3. Every time I launch, it reimports everything from all clients. It seems like this needs to be cached, and should be updating quietly in the background, not wiping the whole database and reimporting every time from scratch.

4. The HIDE feature from the 7/10/2019 patch is not sticking. Hidden games show up again when the tab is refreshed.

I can provide more examples of the artwork and DLC issues as needed.
We'd be very grateful if you could provide us with more details via "Report issue" under "Settings" in GOG Galaxy. Thanks!