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I am enjoying GOG Galaxy 2.0 so far and looking forward to future updates. There is still some additional features that would need to be added for me to use Galaxy 2.0 exclusively. Some of these features are already planned such as cross-platform chat, closing other launchers when you quit the game, and etc.

I do own some multiple copies of the same game. It would be more convenient if I could combine them into one with an option to automatically open with my preferred launcher. It may also be useful for some people to have an optional drop down menu to select a list of all their launchers or only the launchers that they want to see if they have a preference to using one for a specific mode or mod.

It also be nice to see in form a unification of different achievement systems. Whether it be activating GOG achievements when it syncs with other platforms or as unofficial statistics that you and your friends can see. For example, lets say that I complete 50% of the trophies of a game on PSN and the other 50% on Xbox. You can still see them individually but can also see them together as being 100% completed.

My last request to add more metadata options. More options in general will be very useful but what I would like to see is the addition of a franchise/series option. With the ability to add numbering for games that do not have them in the title such as the Arkham series. Also, I am sure this only applies to a handful of games but there should also be support for mixed numbers (0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc) for spin-offs that take place in between or before the main titles such as Arkham Origins or Halo: ODST.

I do hope that you take my suggestions in consideration. Thank you.
Post edited September 15, 2019 by ACanOfTuna