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Hello !
As anyone who have launched steam recently might have seen, steam updated their library. There's good and bad in this update, but there's two intresting features:

Dynamic Collections and
Virtual Reality (VR) tagging.

Both are very useful for me, as I usually try a lot of free VR games from the store and manually sorting them is quite the hassle, Steam does it automagically for me but I've seen that the GoG Galaxy integration for steam catégories seems to miss Dynamic categories.

It would be very intresting to see the tags made by steam's dynamic categories import-able in Galaxy (even if it's static / manual only).
The other intresting feature would be to add a VR filter in the main view.

EDIT: What I ended up doing is selecting all games in the steam VR dynamic library (in steam, but could be done with depressurizer) and making a 'stratic VR' collection and then importing it into Galaxy. Not ideal, but it'll do.
Post edited November 22, 2019 by CyberFoxar