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3snap: Need #12 ASAP. I can't bring myself to use this without a profile page. Hell just trying to see achievments for games i'm trying to play is a chore to get too. It's pretty bare bones tbh and needs more work.
Same, it's one of the most important features Galaxy 2 is missing that prevents me from switching over to it full time.
Please sync "hidden" status between web browser and galaxy client.

Currently there are 2 different hidden statuses.
First is set on site where you can switch between owned and hidden games in "my collection".
Second is set in galaxy client where you click on funnel/filters, then on status and select "hidden". This one does not have counter and ignores games hidden on website.

Galaxy is already out for really long time and still noone cares about it. If you want to hide something you have to hide it both on your site and in your client which makes no sense. Is it really so hard to sync one simple parameter for games in user library? Literally every other games clients does not have this issue.

Add switch in settings to actually QUIT app via X button. I hate when app minimalises instead of closing. I know that steam and origin do not enable this option but Uplay can still be actually closed via X.
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A feature I'm missing is the ability to resize the columns in the list view.
Some columns use up more space than others, and in those cases when you have a lot of columns on the same screen, it's impossible to fit them all without resizing the main window.

Another thing is that some of the text and icons are very difficult to see, cause of the low contrast between different elements.
Legacy Mode - so you can convert the left menu to just your games list (with right click options to navigate to folder etc) with the main page for the information about the game or store page.

One of the reasons why I go to 2.0 and change back is there are too many things I don't want front and center and too many things I do buried a few menus deep.
I'm a big fan of obtaining achievments and all colletibles stuff.
Having some ways to filter them:
- by name of achievment (alphabetically)
- by date of obtention (default is newer on top)
- by rarity/global percentage of obtention

Aside, fix the <br/> or any tags rendering on the forum, and add the possibility to see which games in the "featured game request" section we do have vote for, which ones are granted (today we only have the numbers)

Also, on a game page, having the links on top (as Steam) to go in forum, store, troubleshooting etc.. and having the possibilty to have these links openning in the launcher itself (some are actually redirecting on the browser while the launcher seems to manage to load the page properly into itself :/
Simple phone app to launch games from phone to computer