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I signed up for BETA back in MAY and still have no invitation to GOG Galaxy 2 BETA. Please I wanna test it too!
Same problem
Same here... :/
Based on some of the comments in the beta announcement thread, I suspect that the vast majority of people who signed up for the beta have yet to get an invite. One poster who signed up the day after the announcement said that they'd only gotten their invite on the 29th of July, and someone who signed up a day later than that still hadn't gotten their invite as of the middle of last week. And the GoG folks said that they were sending invites on a "first come, first served" basis So, even if you signed up within a few days of the announcement, you might not have an invite yet, and if you signed up more than a few days after the announcement, it could be quite a while before you get an invite unless they start sending out a lot more invites than they have been. Unless GoG has said something somewhere that I haven't seen, we really don't know how many invites they've sent out, how quickly they've been sending them out, or how many people signed up. So, they could be sending them out quite slowly, or there could just have been a ton of people who signed up. Either way, it's not uncommon for closed betas to not want a ton of people at once, because they don't want a huge inrush of bug reports (many of which would likely be for the same bugs). So, unfortunately, it seems that many of us will just have to be patient. Personally, I signed up about 6 days after the announcement and still don't have an invite.
You know it's to beta test the software, give feedback and bug reports, it's not there in its final taste and giving you the right to whine about missing features? :P

It's a JOB, not a right! :D