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Once I start the client and it starts syncing/importing games - it gets stuck and crash report window appears.
Happens every time! Could it be because my Steam library is quite big?

EDIT: Yes, I think I was right!
The Steam plugin crashes while importing which crashes the entire Galaxy client

EDIT2: Maybe I should mention that Galaxy 2.0 is pretty resource hungry. It takes about 2GB of RAM while running

EDIT3: Uhm... is it suppose to import games everytime you launch the client? Cause it does - and it takes awhile and it's super annoying.
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Same here, with exact same symptoms and all auto-reports after every crash sent was ignored so far.

Having few thousand games on Steam and a thousand games on GOG and even after GG v1 updated to GG v2 failed so that I wiped all updated installation and installed GG v2 from scratch (fresh) so that no previous possible installation bug to affect new installation, it seems that can't handle the intensity of such import size as it stupidly tries to import all that information in to "Memory" and even if there are nothing to use such gigabytes of memory, program limits itself to 2GB and crashes as it can't way past that limit.

Google'ing this out, that very number is "The Limit" of 32bit Memory address space which is GOG Galaxy v2 Client is a 32Bit application at this age and conditions as explained at wikipedia_org_wiki-2_GB_limit as " 32-bit processes on 64-bit Windows are also limited to 2GB" so that while GG v2 tries to import more information without checking its boundaries or dumping such information onto local file (temporary) to past that barrier on our terabyte drives, it simply Crashes instead as there is no code to stop such.

Also observed such memory consumption via microsoft sysinternals process explorer but I can ensure you that "before" trying to import Steam Library, it was using much less resources so that we can deduct such high memory use only happens during (failed) imports as expecting acceptable memory size during normal actions except import.

And this is "Why" GG v2 is still a BETA Launcher as we reported such problem hoping they can anticipate us and correct their not-well-thought internal mechanics of the Launcher because such library sizes and memory needs were beyond their expectations while they were coding the Launcher. For any 32bit application, if it needs past-2gb space, it must use temporary files instead of memory as NTFS has no such restrictions...
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