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mattyo1: This thing is obnoxious for a couple of reasons, but my main concern is security. The email says to go to to download it, but that is not a domain that I use or trust. I do business with . I am not going to install something from another domain. And for the life of me, I cannot find a link on to download the latest GOG Galaxy client.

And the Galaxy client provides no reasonable way to see what version it is, or to check for updates.
I also have received the same email today, I've done a little research on this Forum and noticed some people providing (private users) as link for others... but nothing from official GOG staff.

Could anyone from GOG please confirm that is safe for use or should we treat is as phishing?
I was about to start a new topinc, but I see this one has not been closed yet.
This article requires pinning, I foresee alot of people asking those questions.
A mod posted here that it is from them.
Verina_Husband: That's why I've gone to their site to find out what the latest version is.....but I can't find it anywhere....sigh. :(
Same here. I checked and the client I have installed is 2.0.13. As it did not report the need to update I assume it's a version affected by the bug. Now I'm unable to find a download link. The page at rather unhelpfully states "GOG GALAXY 2.0 Open Beta is available for Windows and Mac. Please download the installer on your PC." almost near the bottom, but no link or download button to be found anywhere. As if they confuse my PC for a phone or something ... or maybe they don't like me because I'm using Firefox or Linux or both.

Edit: Setting the user agent to look like it's running on Windows, the download button magically appears. Seems we're back to the "Works best with IE6" kind of world wide web :-(
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