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This week, we’ve prepared the greatest adventures from Activision--and more for a total of more than 50 games--[url=]all available for 50% off until Monday, June 3rd at 11.59 p.m. EDT.

If you like kings, and quests thereof, the best way to start your weekend is via our King's Quest collections. Kings Quest 1, 2, & 3; Kings Quest 4, 5, & 6, and Kings Quest 7 + 8 all combined tell a sweeping tale of generations of heroes who work ceaselessly to protect the magical realms of Daventry. With clever puzzles, charming graphics, moving stories, and a grand cast of characters, this series is one of the hallmarks of the adventure genre for a reason.

Maybe you're an adventurer, but one more in the vein of a hero of derring-do; a dashing rogue, a brawling fighter, or a wise and crafty wizard. No worries, we have just the thing for you: The Complete Quest for Glory series. Starting as a hero who's learned everything that the Famous Adventurer's Correspondance School has to offer, you begin in the town of Spielberg, determined to right the wrongs that plague the sleepy hamlet. Originally billed as "three games in one" due to the fact that different character classes dramatically change the style of the playthrough, this series takes you from the humblest beginnings of heroism to the grand and sweeping heights of fame and fortune. Travel the world, save the girl, and right wrongs. It doesn't get any better!

The Zork Anthology offers you the chance to play the original (like the first ever) adventure games Zork I, Zork II, Zork III, Beyond Zork, Zork Zero, and Planetfall. The Zork saga is text adventuring at its finest. Welcome to the Underground. Your greatest challenge lies ahead – and downwards. Return to Zork is rediscovery of the previous adventures, but now with graphics (live actors and video sequences.) and a superb soundtrack. Zork: Nemesis, another part in the franchise offers spectacular production value--Hollywood actors, dramatic live-action video, hypnotic ambient music and dazzling special effects. Zork: Grand Inquisitor is the last installment of the famous Zork adventure series. It uses the same formula as its predecessor: first-person perspective, 360 degree camera rotation, pre-rendered backgrounds, and live actors. Humor and comical pop-culture references accompany you throughout the entire game and guarantee that you will never get bored. So if you are looking for a not so serious oldschool adventure then this gem is for you. All games releases from Zork series are $2.99 on this weekend only.

Visit the promo page and go on an adventure!
Damn no Leisure suit Larry. Maybe next time.
high rated
yinan: Seriously GOG? Only 50% with Humble Indie Bundle, Groupees, and Amazon mayhem sale going live now?
I can see it now, people looking through a random online-store's bargain sale:
At humble, I could get 6 games for only a few cents, and you're offering your "bargains" at 5 a piece? RIDICULOUS! Everyone KNOWS a product is worth no more than the least amount it's acquirable for!
Pay what you want, and in humble's case even being allowed to choose how much is to support charity, is of course an entirely different payment concept than regular discounts, or even a stacking discount. It's not comparable nor a standard by which a 50% bargain for 6 dollar games should be condemned. It's still a steal. Consider the amount of content you get for those prices.

timppu: What would be the correct discount? Should they sell the whole promo catalogue for $4 or so like HiB does?
Roman5: No, but the very least they could do is increase the discount the more games you purchase
Inb4: GOG sees sale stats and sees what works and what doesn't, so the following is just speculation.

Being a business centered around nonscarce products, GOG benefits from (magically) expanding their user base almost infinitely. Openly awarding mass buyers is not conducive to attracting new users. Furthermore, this very promo is, thematically, for new users: regulars have most or all of the games already.

But not all regulars. There are also people active on the forum who, for various reasons, can't spare three bux for a game they're "dying" to play. Those customers do not benefit from sliding discounts either.

That being said, the same sale every time isn't exciting, so pwyws and makeyourownbundles have their time and place.
LindsayYates: Damn no Leisure suit Larry. Maybe next time.
Leisure suit Larry belongs to Codemasters here
ClaymoreFan: Is Phantasmagoria worth it? I usually suck at adventures and use a walkthrough, but does the story compensate? I
Novotnus: It's a cheesy FMV horror (Graham Masterton or Guy N. Smith style). Violence, some pretty controversial sexual content, rather predictable plot with many cliché elements.
The second one - more violence, more sex, really crazy (usually in a bad way) plot.
If you like this kind of things, grab it :)
It usually is my kind of thing, but I think I'l skip this time. Anyway i've only been buying games since this January and I still amassed a huge backlog from IndieGameStand, Humble Bundle, GOG and Steam. Soo, Vampire and Arcanum it is, then! Thanks!
If you get Kings Quest VI run it in SCUMMVM for the hi-res Windows version, set it to "use Windows cursors" and download "Girl in the Tower" and rename it to Track01 and put it in the game folder so you get the cheesy song over the end credits.

I'd recommend running all the compatible Quest games through SCUMMVM. Its easier to set up soundfonts or MT32 for better sound.
Hum, adventures aren't my cup of tea and I already have the games which interested me, but maybe I will get a digital backup of the Dark Reign series

And I hope to see a Apogee/3D Realms promo next week
Bought it. I owned a bunch of these games. But I could still buy 13 games.
Beat Gray Matter (thanks to CymTyr). Liked the storyline. Since it was written by Jane Jensen i'm considering getting GKs from this promo.
ClaymoreFan: Arcanum
You're in for a treat!
Ugh. I am so tapped out. Must sacrifice for the good of gaming. Argh.

Edit: On the other hand... King's Quest 1+2+3 after decades is coming back home to papa. Welcome back.
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LindsayYates: Damn no Leisure suit Larry. Maybe next time.
Roman5: Leisure suit Larry belongs to Codemasters here
Oh it is too.
Poor Larry separated from his Sierra buddies
This + Telltale Bundle + HIB 8 = me sorted for a while...
htown1980: This + Telltale Bundle + HIB 8 = me sorted for a while...
Yea it's been a pretty great week for gamers, especially those who like adventures.
How intelligent do you have to be for Zeus and Poseidon?

Let me qualify that.
There are three on there I've always been curious about but intimidated by, The Zeus/Poseidon, Cleopatra, and the Caesar 3. Best of them? Are they as intense as a Sid Meier game because those are WAY too much work for me to be honest. Any other advice would help. If I'm going to spend money I don't have or go into the gift thread and beg for them I need to be sure.
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