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Get Arcanum, Pharaoh + Cleopatra, Vampire: The Masquerade, Quest for Glory as well as all the other "Quest" games, and more amazing Activision titles 60% off!

The days grow shorter, the weather gets nastier by the day, but as a trade-off, there's more time for gaming in the evenings. It's time to [url=]Activate Autumn, with a superb collection of 32 memorable titles. Oh, wait... that's wrong. What I meant was: 32 game boxes. Some of them contain more than just one game, so the actual number of discounted Activision titles amounts to impressive 55! And you can get them all 60% off until Tuesday November 12 at 4:59 AM GMT. Let's take a peek into some of the boxes!

Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magic Obscura summons the spirit of Fallout into a unique world where steampunk meets fantasy in a creative mixture of imagination and pure isometric RPG awesomness. In Arcanum, you get the absolute freedom to create any kind of character you want and pursue whatever quest you find the most fitting. If you're looking for a game that will drain dozens of hours of your free time and have $2.39 in digital loose change--here's your best pick!

Gabriel Knight, a tormented young writter, came to be a celebrity of the point-and-click adventure genre. The first game he stars in--subtitled "Sins of the Fathers"--features beautiful pixel-art graphics, over 7000 lines of fully-voiced dialog, and a dark story balancing on the verge of madness and occult. The game launched a successful and recognizable series that earned its place in the adventure games' hall of fame. Be sure to check the other two games that complete the trillogy: Gabriel Knight2: The Beast Within and Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned.

Quest for Glory 1-5 is an amazing collection of Sierra's innovative action-RPGs. Each of the five games can be played as a whole but you can also treat the series as one big adventure, as the character and his accumulated wealth can carry on from one game into another. Become a mage, a thief, or a knight and explore the five huge worlds, each based on a different culture and mythology, from Germanic fairy tales, through Arabian and Slavic folklore, right down to Greek myths. Experience the game that set many standards in the "new school" of computer RPG.

Those excellent games are but a tip of the iceberg of Activision awesomeness. There are dozens of other fantastic titles you can grab 60% off, so head out to Activate Autumn promo page and go nuts! Again, the promo lasts until Tuesday November 12 at 4:59 AM GMT. Don't miss out!
Ended up with:
Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Father
The Zork Anthology
Zork Grand Inquisitor

I am content. :D
If anyone is still looking to get this promo and is stuck on a game to pick, I quite recommend Escape Goat. Played through it the other day and it's quite the nice platform puzzler.