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high rated
Event has ended - Gifts will come per PM; Leftovers in UD Santas farewell post

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!!Warning!! The following thread may (<- read as will and have to) contain references to the undead, necromancy, defiling of most holy christmas songs, paganistic rituals, boobs & possibly even some faint political incorrectness. If you take offense in any of that I'll wish you still a merry christmas & a happy new year but suggest you leave that thread!
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Event will end by 26.12

Fitting background music (and a dude with a insane powerplant bill)

Deep into the frozen woods of the land with the deep frozen woods the ground bursts open and a sleigh, pulled by 8 skeletal creatures, catapults itselt in the foggy air. On the sleigh two individuals, one tall and one slender; the tall one cracking a burning whip above the undead creatures heads and yells:

"Now, Slasher! Now, Cancer! Now, Razor, and Morbid!
"On, Death! On, Disease! On, Murder and Sordid!

Its Undead Santa and his Christmas Elf.

He lands his sleigh on a big open place,
fully covered by winters breath of ice.

In its center he sat on a impressive throne,
a majestic seat fully made of bone.

"Now Christmas Elf, give me advise;
who has been naughty... and who has been nice?"

Similar on how the living please Santa with a christmas song and cookies with milk you undead please Undead Santa. Just with a twist.
He wants to hear the undead version of your favourite christmas song* and one (please just one) artworkpicture of your favourite undead babe (has to be undead at least after reaching the legal age of 18 when alive) or necromancer babe. After that you name one or two names from the following list of games that you see in Santas bag of goodies next to his throne (multible interests on a game gets rolled randomly; i.e. if 10 ppl want nothing else than MoO3 I'll grab a d10 from my dice bag and roll).

Silent night, holy night!
All is calm, all is bright.
Round yon Virgin, Mother and Child.
Holy infant so tender and mild,
Sleep in heavenly peace,
Sleep in heavenly peace.

turns to

Silent night, unholy night!
All in fear, because of the sleigh.
Round your cutlery, plate and wait.
Holy infant soon tender and mild,
Feast in heavenly peace,
Feast in heavenly peace.

Following the list of games (all gog)
BloodRayne 2
Realms of the Haunting
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, The
Vampire The Masquerade - Redemption
A New Beginning - Final Cut
Master of Orion 3
Divinity 2: Developer's Cut
11th Hour, The
Realms of Arkania 1+2
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you want a song AND a picture
Does it have to be MY song? - Or would a link do? - I'm presuming most peoples Images would not be their own (except perhaps for a few like me!), at which point of a linked song is fair, then I'll edit this post as soon as the artwork is done!
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Chatty Skulls:

Dashing through the dust
In a dead horse open sleigh
Over the graves we go
Cursing all the way
Bells on dead dogs ring
Making ghostly blight
What fun it is to kill and eat
Some angel wings tonight.

Chatty skulls, chatty skulls
Chatty all the way!
Oh what fun it is to die
In a dead horse open sleigh!
Chatty skulls, chatty skulls
Chatty all the way!
Oh what fun it is to die
In a dead horse open sleigh!

If it's not good enough tell me and I'll make a new one tomorrow(it's 4 in the morning here)

Also, here's a sexy zombie chick:*jaTj3IEoulFlSajY5AiFKU9DPQakvvDn2Lfvy2hwcNBS-pKe5tkfrh9myGCO7uP*dkc-WiRxRrXTRoy0K*bfkTq-ym6X/IMG_2626.JPG

I'd like to be in for Vampire: The Masquerade, but I wouldn't say no to Phantasmagoria or Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare either.
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"I'm dreaming of a bloody Christmas
just like the ones I used to know
where the corpses rot,
and the blood drips freely
for feasting

I'm dreaming of a Bloody Christmas
with every person I kill may
your days become more horrid
and vile and may all your Christmases be bloody

I'm dreaming of a bloody Christmas
with snow red as hell
and blood everywhere,
no one shall escape my wrath"

Merry Bloody Christmas!

Bloodrayne 1 and 2 would be preferred if I win anything at all, Vampire The Masquerade-Redemption would be great too. Thanks for the giveaway, I'll save you for later.
*clears throat*

Wading through the mud
In a one-horse open hearse
O'er the fields of blood
Singing in reverse

Bells in churches toll
Wraiths and spirits play
What fun it is to gain control
Of undead troops today!

Toll that bell, toll that bell,
You'll just make it worse.
Oh! what fun, we're raising hell
In a one-horse open hearse.

As for my favourite artwork -- I believe she qualifies:

I'm in for A New Beginning – Final Cut. Thanks for the giveaway. :)
I think some of you might know this one.

*Grabs a cane and top hat. cues the dance skeletons, who dance around with me, as we start to sing and dance.*
I'm mister black christmas! I'm Mister death!
I'm Mister decry!
I'm Mister ten second rot!
Friends call me Uruk.
Whatever i touch, turns to a rotting and decrying corpse in my clutch.
I'm two much!
*Everyone starts to throw their top hats into the sky. Catching them just before they land.*
I'm Mister Christmas fear! I'm Mister death!
I'm mister heat mage!
I'm mister hundred and one!
They call me heat mage , whatever i touch, starts to melt in my clutch.
I'm two much!
*Everyone throws top hats into the air. catching the top hats as they fall back down towards the ground.*

Dancing skeletons with top hats and canes: He's mister black christmas! He's mister death! He's mister decry! He's mister ten second rot!

Me:Friends call me Uruk! Whatever i touch, turns into a decrying and rotting corpse in my clutch!

Dancing skeletons with top hats and canes.: He's two much!
*The dancing skeletons throw their hats into the air.*

Me: Thank you! I never want to know a day, that is not filled with icy death all around!
I'd rather make it cold thirty, twenty, ten, five! Then let em freeze to death!

Dancing skeletons with top hats and canes. :He's mister christmas fear! He's mister death! he's miser heat mage! He's mister heat mage. He's mister hundred and one!

Me: They call me Heat mage! Whatever i touch, starts to melt in my clutch.

Danacing skeletons with top hats and canes.: He's two much!
*We throw the top hats into the air and catch them in mid air.*

Me: I never wanna know a day, that's under sixty dairy deaths! I'd rather have eighty, ninety, or one hundred dairy deaths!

dancing skeletons with top hats and canes.: He's mister black christmas! He's miser death! He's mister christmas fear! He's mister decry! He's mister hundred and one!

me: Friends call me Uruk mister. Whatever i touch, beings to turn into a decrying and rotting corpse in my clutch. Friends call me Uruk. Whatever i touch, starts to melt in my clutch!

dancing skeletons with top hats and canes: He's two much! Too much! He's mister christmas fear! He's mister black christmas!

Me:Thank you one and all, our song is finish.
Kobold captain Death: Sir, what about the picture?
Me: Oh right, some pic that we need to add. For some undead. well bring me the pics and i shall pick one.
Captain death: Yip yip! Right away sir!
Me: hmmm, lets see let's see. No. Wiki makes that one a no. hmm, temping a rather funny one. Hmm, this one looks clearly like a vampire. yes yes, i think i will go with it. Now here is some random vampire pick for all of you.

Edit: Oh right, seem to have forgotten this is a game giveaway. any who, put me down for vampire the masquerade or Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.
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*Undead Santa slowly sways back and forth to the tact of the music and takes the first pictures with a benevolent nod and a nearly unnoted perverted twitch in his right eye*

@tinyE & Sachys
Yes, UD Santa is greedy. He wants music & watch boobs while listening to it ;)
The song has to be a twisted version of a public known christmas song; posted lyrics are totally enough. You are not required to film yourself singing it and post it on youtube.

The artwork does not need to be your own. It might be a painting from a videogame character (if really modern videogame with high qualitiy graphics a pimped screenshot might also be ok); from a comic (like my christmas elf) or like the examples already given.

@Licurg: Shes real, but looks nice & therby qualifies. :)
Witch: That group you wanted to get, is ready boss.

Kobold Captain Death: Same here sir. Yip yip. all ready and we found our target.

Me: Perfect. Soon us and our allies will be ready for the strike. Now as for this Santa. He seems rather goblin like to me. Did he happen to be a elf or goblin in life? Also how powerful would you say he is and does he train any monsters or servants in some sort of school? you know, to keep them dam paladins and forces of light away. Or does he mere pull off the good old, use normal looking servants, to make everything think nothing at all is going on? But are really well trained and deadly? Kind of like the picture, below. They look normal but have powers and skills which make them truly deadly.
yokai.jpg (72 Kb)
Let it snow

Oh the zombies outside are frightful
and they dont think fire's delightful
we've run out of places to go
mix some molotovs and start to throw

They dont show signs of stopping
Get the scythe and lets start cropping
When we cut them down really low
Maybe then they'll start to go.

When we finally kiss godnight
I think that I'm starting to turn
But if you only hold me tight
I'll have something to eat thats warm

Now that you're slowly dying
My girl there's no goodbying
You can still love me so
as you also turn in the snow.

Bloodrayne 2 please or failing that Bloodrayne 1

Cheers for a great antifestive giveaway :)
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Original song and lyrics:
El vint-i-cinc de desembre,
ha nascut un minyonet
ros i blanquet, ros i blanquet;
fill de la Verge Maria,
és nat en una establia,

Aquí dalt de la muntanya,
si n'hi ha dos pastorets,
abrigadets, abrigadets,
amb la pell i la samarra,
mengen ous i butifarra,

Qui dirà més gran mentida?
ja repon el majoral,
amb gran cabal, amb gran cabal,
jo faré deu mil camades
amb un salt totes plegades,

Deadly translation:
On December five and twenty
death, death, death.
a little monster born this night
vile and cruel, vile and cruel
Son of Mary, dirty unholy
In a stable, crappy and filthy,
death, death, death.

on the top of the fetid hill,
death, death, death
there's a group of ugly zombies,
deseperatly hungry, deseperatly hungry,
eating little girls and brains,
while their clothes are full blood stains,
death, death, death.

who will eat the most humans?
death, death, death
and the greedy werewolf replies
with gravelly voice, with gravelly voice
I will eat ten thousand boys
in just one bite I'll eat them togther
death, death, death.

Count me in for Phantasmagoria or the 11th Hour
jeanette.jpg (194 Kb)
Nice! Hopefully I'll have time to do this after work tonight.
Some very creative souls we have in here. You're all great! :)

DieRuhe: Nice! Hopefully I'll have time to do this after work tonight.
Don't worry. Goes till 26.12. So enough time at hand :)

(I haven't read any of the others; didn't want to be influenced by them. And it's late. So...)

Pain to the World, the Infernal Lord is come!
Let earth receive His wrath!
Let every heart prepare to face doom
And Heaven will no more sing
And Heaven will no more sing
And Heaven, and Heaven - you can go to Hell

Sorrow to the World, the Destroyer reigns!
Let men become the slaughter!
While bodies writhe in pain, do it all again,
Repeat the bashing of skulls,
Repeat the bashing of skulls,
Repeat, repeat, the bashing of skulls.

Forevermore let sins and sorrows grow,
Let thorns infest the flesh,
He comes to make blood flow
His curse will not be escaped
His curse will not be escaped
His curse, His curse, will not be escaped

He rules the world with an iron fist
And makes the nations prove
The blasphemies of His damnation
They wonder: where is love?
They wonder: where is love?
They wonder, they wonder, but they'll never see it again.

Oh yeah: Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption, Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

Thank you.

edit: Hmm, I posted two pics, but it seems to only show one.

and now both of them are gone. wtf?

i'll try again:
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