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I've whinged about this before.

"Real time strategy."

Sorry; but I'm just not into, "Whoever moves their chess pieces the fastest, wins."
#1 Zombies
#2 RPG elements. They are to RPGs as Free-to-Play elements are to Free-to-Play.
#3 Since I brought it up... F2P elements
"Physics based puzzles"
Random encounters
On-line multiplayer as the selling point.
"From the people who brought you xyz"

PetrusOctavianus: "requires Steam"
< ding ding ding! >
Mr.Caine: What's up with multiple people posting F2P?
pi4t: Unless the game is actually free, and being made in someone's spare time (in which case, for whatever reason, the term 'free to play' doesn't tend to be applied to it) the developers have to make money in some way from their game. If it's not being done up front, it has to be done in some way within the game. In general, this tends to be done through microtransactions, which often (though not always: see LoL, for instance) include of the ability to 'buy power' (ie purchase, with real money, items which are more powerful than the highest tier versions which can be earned in game, giving an obvious benefit in pvp) and/or 'buy progression' (ie spend real money to avoid having to grind: this tempts the developers to string out the game's grinding to encourage more players to spend money on skipping it, thus reducing the quality of the game). Both of these are bad, and thus, 'free' to play games are often low quality.

In itself, the free to play concept isn't bad, it's just what it tends to conceal.
Mr.Caine: What's up with multiple people posting F2P? Shit I guess people on the internet will complain about anything.
Novotnus: I guess empowerment for real life money is what turns some people away from this model.
I think I'd call such games P2W...too bad it ain't an official bullet point heh.
- Cover-based shooting mechanics.

The principle of "cover" means making sure something else is between you and whoever is shooting at you. This does not require spamming the playing field with inexplicable hip-high walls covered in superglue. It just means you have to move behind something else. This works just fine without "cover-based shooting mechanics".
I generally stop reading when I see:

Any pixel art platformer

Any indie game with a screenshot of something I do not immediately recognize and understand

Any of the following words:


Early Access




Free to Play

I don't even start reading if somehow I know the game has QTE's usually. Exceptions to this rule are rare.
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**in development**

When I look at user reviews, if people are saying a game is "short" I'll pass.

However, I actually like it when a game is pegged as hard or unforgiving. For me, that means years of play, most likely!
games with checkpoint save system, I hate them all. Cant bare that crappy save system
"Old school" anything, whether it is graphics or gameplay.

"Indie." In general, I don't have a problem with games that fall under this category. However, I hate that "indie" is considered a genre and/or used as a crutch of sorts. Just develop, market, and release the game. I don't care if its indie, if it looks interesting and fun I'll buy it.
I hated timed missions and escort missions. I wont buy a game if they have alot of those.
How 'bout these two gems from the game card of "Kingdom: The Far Reaches":

- A unique gameplay style based on using the right items in the right situations, or else...
- You’ll be surprised how easy it is to die in a fantasy world!

And yes, the game is as much fun as you'd expect from this description!
DLCs. Because back in my day, a proper expansion would mean entire new campaigns, new items/units, more branches to the tech tree in the case os strategy games, etc.
Sometimes, expansions were almost a complete new game, like Homeworld: Cataclysm.

I also hate this faux cinematic approach of the Escorting Ellen Page games released recently. The focus on detail, cinematics and voice acting is getting the devs' attention out of actual gameplay mechanics, which worries me.
Uplay account required.
Origin account required.
"Dynamic multiplayer experience"