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QTE, anything with multiplayer as a main selling point :)
Almost forgot: always online drm or even must connect online to play drm...
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timppu: On top of that, I must say I dislike those "over-the-top" COD or Battlefield TV ads that were running especially before Christmas. Like the one where a group of 20 somethings were trying to convince the viewer how unbelievably cool it was to play the game, "OMG like there was this tank and pooof it went through the building and a jet collided with it in midair, pow wow wow!". It just made me think the game is for some six year olds. It reminded a bit of those Apple iphone or ipad ads where similar trendy asses were telling how cool it is to use Apple products, just wipe here and there pow wow wow.

And another one of them where there are constantly explosions, falling trees, someone in a space suit hanging from a ledge with his pinkie finger only etc., and some stupid ass Eminem or whatever singing in the background. I'm getting too old for this shit.

I guess it is not worse than Transformers 5 trailers and such... wait, actually they are even worse.
DUBSTEP! As told by the immortally excellent Deadpool, although I admit to not yet having played the eponymous game. Mind you, that trailer did sell me on the game, I have to admit.

Oh, and the Inception BWAAAAAA as well.

All ties in very nicely with what you were saying there.
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* QTEs
* Minecraft/Terraria mechanics
* It doesn't have any actual gameplay, it's an "art" "game" (Gone Home)
* Games For Windows Live
* Visual style that looks like the "artist" was yanked in from the bottom of DeviantArt's barrel
* Any hint that the developer made changes to appease the tumblr feminist crowd
* It calls itself a roguelike, but it isn't actually a roguelike by any standard at all.
I always giggle when I read the back of the Secret of Monkey Island box where they make fun of such bulletpoints.
"Eye-gouging 3D Graphics"
"Jokes only smart people will understand"
"Participate in complex and meaningful dialogues" (next to a screenshot of a dog saying "Woof woof arf").
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"visceral experience"
"free to play"
"gripping story"
"cinematic" whatever
"requires Steam"
Pay to play. Sorry, but I just prefer to actually own my games, rather than rent them.

On a related note, MMO/massively online experience/similar. I'm not inherently against them, and have had some fun with DDO for a time in the past, but nor am I really interested in the benefits of the 'massively' part of the title. If I play, then I'll be playing on my own or with a few friends, and will gain very little from a MMO over an identical game played on my computer at home, which also allows me to host/join a game with friends. It won't be an inferior expeience, either, but it means that a significant part of the budget will have been spent on something I'm not interested in, not to mention that either microtransactions or the aforesaid pay to play will presumably be paying for server upkeep, so it's unlikely that the features which interest me will be significant enough to justify getting the game.

(First person) shooter. I just don't find the idea of charging round shooting people in game a remotely interesting idea.

Photorealistic graphics, or similar phrases. Again, I'm not against the concept (beyond my current machine's inability to handle high definition graphics, but I'm in the process of upgrading so that's irrelevent). It's simply that high definition (I carefully avoid the phrase 'high quality') art requires a lot of budget, which is budget which isn't going into the story, or gameplay, or anything else, of the game. I'm as likely, if not more so, to be interested in characters represented by static portraits, or even polygons (see Thomas Was Alone) as ones represented in full detail on my screen. I can let my own imagination detail them, and focus on the actual characters rather than what they look like. It's also a lot harder to introduce things which look odd in a polygon's on screen movements than a photorealistic 3d person's actions. That also applies to scenery, provided of course I can tell what I'm looking at. Skyrim was where I particularly noticed this: it looked stunning, even on my computer, but the gameplay was one corridor slasher dungeon after another, with brief interludes of the game roleplaying two sides of a conversation, and telling me that I was saying one of them. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite partial to a story told in stunning cinematics involving dragons and an unlikely hero, but...that's why I'm watching The Desolation of Smaug tomorrow. I don't need that in my computer games, I need Clue is in the name!
Unwanted Gore
HD graphics
pre order dlc
collectors edition
xyz edition
Heavy Hardware requirements
Requires a permanent internet connection
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"Advanced Bullet Time® and Shootdodge™ and Final Kill-cam mechanics for stylish shooting action". *facepalm*

"Complete the game to unlock harder difficulties"

"Based on the popular <Insert movie/tv-series here> "
-Tough as nails/brutal difficulty/will die thousands of times
I don't like overly difficult games.

I usually see this and think, "probably ridiculously over the top comedy that they tried WAY too hard to make funny, and I am going to think it is stupid."

-Emotional journey/inspiring experience/sophisticated/you will feel cool telling people that you play this game

-Winner of over 16,000 game of the year awards.
Means absolutely nothing to me.
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- pseudo-medieval
- melee combat
- magic / fantasy main aspect of game
- huge, scarcely covered boobs and a very slim waist, or a chest of big muscles and a teen head
- casual business sims with quests ("bake and sell 5 cakes")
- platformers which lack anything unique
- old school shooters without use of cover etc.
- gore as selling point
- dungeon crawling
- casual characters (mickey mouse head with huge eyes)
- endurance sport sims like cycling or cross country skiing ... I like seeing cyclists attacking uphill, or Marit Blörgen and Charlotte Kalla race to victory, but doing this for real makes me unimaginable to think about playing a simulation for something like this.
- arena like shooters
- focus on multiplayer
- mechbots
- puzzle solving without a solid story
- Zombies. Yaaaawwwwnnnnnn.

- Requires UPlay. UPlay can F. Off.
What's up with multiple people posting F2P? Shit I guess people on the internet will complain about anything.
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MMO. Tried, couldn't get into the genre.
Action oriented. Yeah, I'm plot-oriented person :)
Anyways, it's just personal preference and way one likes to play his \ her games. I'm not saying MMOs or fast, action-based games are bad or anything.
Mr.Caine: What's up with multiple people posting F2P?
Unless the game is actually free, and being made in someone's spare time (in which case, for whatever reason, the term 'free to play' doesn't tend to be applied to it) the developers have to make money in some way from their game. If it's not being done up front, it has to be done in some way within the game. In general, this tends to be done through microtransactions, which often (though not always: see LoL, for instance) include of the ability to 'buy power' (ie purchase, with real money, items which are more powerful than the highest tier versions which can be earned in game, giving an obvious benefit in pvp) and/or 'buy progression' (ie spend real money to avoid having to grind: this tempts the developers to string out the game's grinding to encourage more players to spend money on skipping it, thus reducing the quality of the game). Both of these are bad, and thus, 'free' to play games are often low quality.

In itself, the free to play concept isn't bad, it's just what it tends to conceal.
Mr.Caine: What's up with multiple people posting F2P? Shit I guess people on the internet will complain about anything.
I guess empowerment for real life money is what turns some people away from this model.