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Buy any game on and get the Witcher 1, too, free for a limited time!
This is the final week of our 5th Birthday Celebration. We're going to go above and beyond the call of birthday, though, and give you guys something incredible for our final thank you: buy anything on, anything--and get a free copy of [url=]The Witcher: Enhanced Edition with any purchase.

In case you don't know about it (how don't you know about it if you've found your way here?) the game has been lauded as:

"a fantastic RPG, and an amazing achievement for first-time Polish developer CD Projekt" (PC Gamer)


"one of the most engrossing, mature games in years" (Gamespot).

It's a definite must-have for all RPG fans and, frankly, all story-oriented mature gamers, and now, for an entire week it comes at an unbeatable price of free!

Combine that with the sale that we have right now on Divinity: Dragon Commander for extra promotional goodness, or find anything else that strikes your fancy and get a copy of the Witcher. Buy one for your friends--heck, at this price go ahead and buy one for people you don't even like all that much. ;)

This special offer lasts until Thursday, October 17 at 9:59 AM GMT
Licurg: Of course there is -people who already have it :D
You don't know that I don't...
SirPrimalform: You don't know that I don't...
Hence why I said you should GIFT it ;)
How nice of you GOG giving us incentives to spread the Witcher love!

Now to the crucial question - with the current promos running for a week, will there be a weekend promo?
Do you get an extra copy if you already have it?
Licurg: You could gift someone a copy of Sacrifice :)
SirPrimalform: Haha, is there a post to which you can't reply "buy Sacrifice"? :P
He has been slipping lately. His love of Sacrifice is slowly.......
Can we get multiple free copies by buying one game and checkout, then buy another game and checkout, over and over?

BananaJane: Do you get an extra copy if you already have it?
I think they e-mail you a redemption code, either you can use it, or give that code away.
... If I'm not mistaken.
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Licurg: Hence why I said you should GIFT it ;)
As if there's anyone left who doesn't have it. You're a one man marketing department.
Anybody have any spare keys? I've been wanting to get into The Witcher for awhile but I don't have a credit card.
Thanks in advance.
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craysiii: Too bad I just bought The Witcher instead of Fallout, guess I could have had both :(
Oh, Man such bad luck: Fallout was free when it first appeared on GOG.

Mind you, you still have done well. The Witcher is a great game.

I am sure you can still redeem the retail game on GOG. The offer was still available a week ago when I redeemed The Witcher 2. Hunt it down.

high rated
Already have the Witcher (from god knows how long ago). Oh hey, another code:

Redeemed (>^.^)> 3SMQ-8RKL-GCCD-CC29 <(^.^<)
Redeemed (>^.^)> 8QJP-6TXS-TQAW-K6KA <(^.^<)
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now all i need is a sale on The Inner World :D
RayRay13000: Already have the Witcher (from god knows how long ago). So here you go random person that gets this code:

(>^.^)> 3SMQ-8RKL-GCCD-CC29 <(^.^<)
I redeemed your code!

Thank you, kind stranger! I've been flat-out broke recently, so I'm going to cherish this!
I bought a thing (Divinity: Dragon Commander, if it matters) and already own the Witcher; was going to gift the code to a friend but I don't know how to get it?
is this promotion applies for preordering too? One of my wanted game comes out on nov 1st here.