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Congratulations, great Stuff! Thanks to gog and Interceptor for this creative Challenge.

Have a nice Day
Awesome picks! Congrats to the winners. :)

Thanks to GOG and Interceptor for this contest as well. It was a pleasure to see what everyone came up with.
Thanks for the games GoG! I'll be sure to use them wisely :P
Congrats winners! Can't wait for the next video contest.
Congratulations! Great job!
Oh wow, thanks guys, I'm honestly flattered. I probably spent 3 times longer fiddling with video processing issues than I did actually stapling that together, and I really liked some of the other entries too. I mean I know it was just a silly promo contest without a huge pool of competition, but this was a really nice surprise. Thank you!
Hats off to GOG for this contest, giving a the community a chance to express some creativity.

Thanks for choosing my video as well, it was a bit unorthodox, but I'm really glad you appreciated the idea and the work that went into it :)

The thing I like best about GOG is that most games are truly GOOD, they're not just old! And now I have to choose 5 out of the world's greatest games in history, what a fun and awesome challenge!


Thanks again guys, can't wait to see more of these promotions in the future!
Congrats to the winners! I definitely agree with your choices! (The lack of any prize-winning honorable mentions seems like a bit of a cop-out though :)
Congratulations to the Winners =D
Can I still use the footage and material available, even though the contest has ended?