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Ultimate cosmic power has never been so near!

Wizardry 8, an epic conclusion to the Dark Savant saga, successfully transferring one of the most prominent classic RPG series into the realm of modern 3D graphics and featuring 200+ hours of challenging and diverse gameplay--DRM-free on, for only $9.99

[url=][/url]There's a reason gamers like to refer to the classic RPGs like Wizardry or Might and Magic series, as the games of the good old times. The transition from 2D sprite-based graphics into the realm of 3D marked a distinctive line after which role-play gaming was changed for ever, and in many cases not in the way fans hoped for. Wizardry 8 was one of the very few games, that achieved a great feat--it adopted to the new era of gaming without losing its original spirit and old-school charm. When released 9 years after the previous game in the series, It was praised for staying true to what made its predecessors great and memorable. This allowed all the fans of classic Wizardry games to experience the conclusion to the Dark Savant saga in the only way they would accept as true, while keeping up with the contemporary standards.

Wizardry 8 allows you to import your party from the previous game and complete the Dark Savant trilogy in the company of old friends.Offering yet another 200 or more hours of deep, original, and satisfying gameplay it was dubbed a worthy successor of the classic series, and a well written conclusion to the entire story. So, there you have it hardcore role-playing fans--paired with Wizardry 6+7 its a classic trilogy that takes about 700 hours total to beat. Isn't that simply mindblowing?

You cannot hide nor delete a legend! Complete one of the greatest RPG sagas in existence--the story of the Dark Savant--get Wizardry 8 for only $9.99 on
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I'm sexy and I know it
My mind is blown! Everyone, buy this! NOW!!!

Unofficial patch included?
The community's reaction was predictable.

Anyway, glad to finally see these games here.
Holy shit, yes! Instabuying.
So want, as well!!! :D
Uh oh GOG you made a big boo boo on your front page :D
samwisegamgees: Uh oh GOG you made a big boo boo on your front page :D
Worthy of a screen capture i think hahahaha
hehehe oh man that "delete this shit" thing is beautiful