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All it's missing is a Belmont!

Valdis Story: Abyssal City, a sharp-looking metroidvania-type platformer, with dynamic fights full of eye-candy, and RPG elements adding another layer of depth to the gameplay, is available 20% off on That's $11.99 for the first week!

It started off like one of the ancient Greek tragedies. Years ago, the goddess Valdis was killed by her daughter, the dark goddess Myrgato. Death, however, is something completely different for the immortal deities than it is for us, mortals. The name of the Goddess was never forgotten, nor shall it ever be. In absence of the mother goddess, Myrgato has been at war with her twin sister, Alagath the deity of light. This perpetual war is fueled by human souls that the gods use to create their warriors; Myrgato twisting souls into demons, and Alagath manipulating souls to create angels. Each day the remaining human population dwindles as they are forced to choose a side or die. The time has come to put a stop to the supernatural tyranny. With sword, and sorcery, the chosen champion of humanity must fight back.

Valdis Story: Abyssal Cityis a new and exciting metroidvania-type title that takes inspiration from the best 16-bit console action titles, both in aesthetics and gameplay. This side-scrolling exploration platformer tasks you with conquering an ancient, forgotten city full of supernatural enemies. The game focuses on combat, and lets you heavily customize gameplay by developing the skills of your chosen character. Whether you choose to dedicate yourself more the path of sorcery or swordsmanship, this exciting and dynamic title is ready to offer you a worthy challenge.

For a grand story, many colorful location, items, skills, and challenging, but fair gameplay resembling the most memorable 16-bit console classics, grab Valdis Story: Abyssal City, for only $11.99 on The 20% off release discount offer lasts until Wednesday, November 13, at 10:59AM GMT.
JudasIscariot: Barry will be happy as Valdis was one of his wishlisted items :P
amok: Which game is not on his list?
The waiting game? :D
amok: Which game is not on his list?
JudasIscariot: The waiting game? :D
Well... yeah... you released that one a long time ago...
I love that kind of colorful games. Hope ain't too hard for a noob like me to beat it :-D
Nice release : )! (I would love to see Legend of Fae here too, we need more puzzle games!)
stardust_79: I love that kind of colorful games. Hope ain't too hard for a noob like me to beat it :-D
There are 4 difficulties and if you study the pattern of the enemies it's actually quite easy and you also have stats and items, running around trying to find them before getting to a boss is very helpful but this game has a tendency to throw a boss at your face when you don't exactly expect one so that can be tricky too.
For those interested, the game has a great soundtrack that is available on Bandcamp here.
And from their Kickstarter (Oct 30):
Head over to and use the Discount code: steamy_release. This Discount offer expires in one week, November 6th 11:59PM UTC.
The code is good for a 50% discount and valid for a few more hours.
Hm, indecisive about this one. I like the genre, but after reading the description I expected it to look a bit darker and grittier. The graphics seem to be of decent quality, but the style put me off a bit. Plus, apparently it's not very long... Is there anything to do after you've completed it once? Any additional challenges, game modes etc. ?
This looks pretty neat. I might have to check it out once this storm of nastiness passes. Great release schedule this week!
I have no self-control!
Looks interesting. but how's the difficulty?
I just completed the game. According to Steam I played overall 20 hours so not bad in terms of play time and I still had some items and lore to uncover.

Due to GOG's habbit of slowly updating new games I would suggest people wait a while in case bugs usually bother them. I never noticed anything game breaking, stability- or performance issues but there was a few times the game wouldn't register buttons and it's possible the game might require some slight balances.

People that worry about gamepad support should likely wait for the next update when they have ironed out the digital input issues that were introduced in the beta (I didn't notice anything specific though).

gandalf.nho: Looks interesting. but how's the difficulty?
It depends on many aspects such as chosen difficulty, your history with similar games and how patient you are with both finding out enemy strategy (especially bosses) and grinding stats through items and levels.

If you're uncertain, just pick normal (it's actually the easy difficulty) then play slowly and safe and see how it goes.
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Looks pretty.
Ophelium: I have no self-control!
Get a hold of yourself! =P
JudasIscariot: Barry will be happy as Valdis was one of his wishlisted items :P
I am! Thanks, GOG! :D
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