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Little pixel people, great entertainment!

Theme Park, a classic, complex, and colorful amusement park management sim from Bullfrog Productions, is available for Windows and Mac OS X, for only $5.99 on

[url=][/url]Put more salt in the popcorn and raise the price of soda: this is how big bucks are made in Theme Park, a classic amusement park management game from Bullfrog Productions. Yes, snacks play a big role in your business, but let's not forget about all the amazing rides and attractions you can build to make your little pixel visitors happy. Give them roller coasters, ferris wheels, love boats, haunted houses, and bouncy castles and they'll keep coming back for more. This amazing classic offers you the option to manage every little detail of your park's design and economy, to make it the best--and the most profitable--in the world. With colorful graphics, surprisingly deep mechanics, and tons of lighthearted humor, Theme Park is sure to entertain you for many carefree hours.

Get into the business of entertaining the pixelfolk and design the greatest money-machine in Theme Park, for only $5.99 on

We're glad that another long-awaited Bullfrog Classic finally joined our catalog. We know that many of you were anxious to see it here. At the same time, we need to disappoint those of you, who were hoping to pick it up during the upcoming Winter Sale. This particular title won't be discounted this time, as the sale is coming too short after it's release. So, you can be sure you can pick it up today, and you won't feel foolish seeing it discounted in a few days from now ;-) Just a heads up from your friendly team!
I break this game out every other year or so and waste so much time on it. It's been a consistent time killer since 1994. It was up there with Simcity, Simtower, Simant, Civilization, Populous, Power Monger, whatever other micromanagement games I could get my hands on as a fifth grader.
I think games like this are going to have to forever remain in the "things I just don't get" category, but a lot of folks seem happy, so good for GOG.
a classic release on monday? i'll take it.
Something that good on a Monday? Continue and I might become a Monday fan ;)
tfishell: Were both DOS versions? At 82 megs I'd assume it's the CD version, but of course if the CD version was Win 3.1 or 95 only, I'm guessing GOG couldn't have brought it for compatibility reasons.
Yes and you know I didn't even look at the file size ... :/

Okay this is now a must buy ;)
jimbob0i0: Is this the floppy or CD version (the latter letting you enter certain rides such as coasters and the haunted house)?
damien: wondering the same thing
Someone pointed out it's 82MB ... must be CD version
Post edited December 10, 2013 by jimbob0i0
5 days till my next paycheck!:)...Thx GOG for this pure classic.
Such a good classic. Nice one!
Now this is a good release. I certainly don't mind being addicted to Theme Park again.
Oh my freaking yes! Theme Park finally on!!!
Certainly the game I'm really fond with, even if I wasn't all that good with this. But it certanly introduced me really well into business world (especially when it comes to English-vocalbury; can't ever forget the giant sized Finnish-English-English Studia-books).
Granted, I've mostly played the SNES-version of this game. But that certainly was a really good "newbie"-version before jumping to PC-version (PSX-version was kinda meh to me...).
Instant purchase, thank you GOG, now bring me PowerMonger and I'll send you pizza!
Yes! Great addition I'll be buying this soon! Thanks GOG! I'd love Theme Park World too but this'll do for now!
With GoG's release I'll no longer need to run this on the Amiga emulator.

Will get it soon, I need to recover from the halloween spending spree. :D
One of my favorites old school classics. Spent hours building parks and watching people vomit after the insane rides hahaha!
Please, PLEASE, GoG. Could we please get Sim Coaster put on GoG. That game was one of my favorites growing up. I can somewhat make it work on my comp, but I can't have any graphical upgrades or I dont have sound, and I dont have any of the text available either...

Sim Theme Park and Sim Coaster would be a dream.
Once Sim Theme Park (Theme Park World) becomes available I'll be sure to pick up both of them together. I hope nostalgia has been kind. I loved Sim Theme Park.