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Little pixel people, great entertainment!

Theme Park, a classic, complex, and colorful amusement park management sim from Bullfrog Productions, is available for Windows and Mac OS X, for only $5.99 on

[url=][/url]Put more salt in the popcorn and raise the price of soda: this is how big bucks are made in Theme Park, a classic amusement park management game from Bullfrog Productions. Yes, snacks play a big role in your business, but let's not forget about all the amazing rides and attractions you can build to make your little pixel visitors happy. Give them roller coasters, ferris wheels, love boats, haunted houses, and bouncy castles and they'll keep coming back for more. This amazing classic offers you the option to manage every little detail of your park's design and economy, to make it the best--and the most profitable--in the world. With colorful graphics, surprisingly deep mechanics, and tons of lighthearted humor, Theme Park is sure to entertain you for many carefree hours.

Get into the business of entertaining the pixelfolk and design the greatest money-machine in Theme Park, for only $5.99 on

We're glad that another long-awaited Bullfrog Classic finally joined our catalog. We know that many of you were anxious to see it here. At the same time, we need to disappoint those of you, who were hoping to pick it up during the upcoming Winter Sale. This particular title won't be discounted this time, as the sale is coming too short after it's release. So, you can be sure you can pick it up today, and you won't feel foolish seeing it discounted in a few days from now ;-) Just a heads up from your friendly team!
At last!! :D

I´m going to buy this game sooner or later. As I currently have plenty of games, I will wait until it´s either discounted or I really want to play it. But it will be mine :D
lugum: Cheers, never heard of those.
Pheace: I think they were less good than Zoo Tycoon 2 (+ expansions) sadly.

This genre really needs a freaking revival. It got one sadly in the new Zoo Tycoon, but it's exclusive to the freaking Xbox, been waiting for the next one in that series for ages but not getting an Xbox to play it >.<
I Agree, from what i seen on mobygames Zoo Tycoon looks alot better, and yes this genre could really use a revival.
I read that the Theme Park kickstarter was a success, so maybe after that one?
I'd love to get Zoo Tycoon as well, but it's Microsoft, IIRC, so chances are lower than zero.
lugum: Cheers, never heard of those.
triock: World of Zoo -
Zoo Empire/Marine Park Empire -
World of Zoo is currently on sale at GamersGate:
Definitely going to pick this up. Always preferred the style of RollerCoaster Tycoon 1+2 but this seemed like a good one also. I only played it a few times in the day. Time to give it another shot!
Oh mu GOG, thanks! I love this game. Not sure if I can afford it after all the sales we've been having but it's definitely going on my wish list.
Now i must upload money to my PP account...this is a fantastic release, GOG is still good for a surprise.
Ohh I remember playing this .. It didn't age well. Rollercoaster Tycoon on the other hand did, especially with #3.
Get "World" up here, STAT!!!
Fuck yeah! It's about time. :)

Seeing it release so early in addition of that 'no sale for it on the winter promo' mention in the release article I'm assuming GOG's Christmas sale is hot on its heels. At the very least it sounds like it's happening this week rather than the next.
Good one GOG.

I see no instruction manual in the goodies, is it with the installer or is there really none?
Did it come with a manual way back then?
Hah, caught them with their pants down. Good surprise release!
You have Dungeon Keeper 1&2, Magic Carpet, Theme Hospital, Syndicate 1&2, Populace The Beginning and now Theme Park. The only Bullfrog game from my childhood missing now is Hi-Octain and I can regress about 20 years to my childhood.

If memory serves me well this is a Great Old Game, but for many younger players Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 would probably add a little more replayability, customisation and sparkle for them. Still, I think this is a must own for myself!
Thank you very much GOG!

WOW my beloved Theme Park.
Best game evar.

Don't forget to build the water ride asap its available!

BTW, GOG, did you get access to the source code or is it a 1:1 copy of the, lets say "Green Pepper" releases.
Which means no patch at all (there was never any patch to begin with).
I really loved the game and invested countless hours of joy and horror into the game.
One let down were regular crashes and the trouble of the CPU-performance binding.
With DOSBox it was manageable, but without any you rushed through a park season (march to october) in less then a minute!

Is there any changelog or any hint if you changed anything?

Be so kind enlighten us GOG Team.

Thank you in advance.
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low rated
Yes! I've been waiting for so long, thanks gog!

edit: wishlisted for now :)
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