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Here to take your breath away.

Strike Commander, an action-oriented modern-day mercenary jet fighter combat simulation from Chis Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander--DRM-free on, for only $5.99

In this troubled world, the only place I ever feel free is up here, among the clouds. Blasting through the sky at supersonic speed, looking at the world, so small, way, way down, I'm immortal. You can't take that away from me if you try. In fact, I dare you to try. Come and challenge me. Come and challenge any of us. We're the Wildcats, the elite. There's nothing we can't do, up here. God made a mistake of not giving us wings. That didn't stop us. Neither will you.

Strike Commander was often called " on Earth"</i>, because in the game you take the role of a mercenary pilot hired to perform various missions in the times of global unrest. The action takes place in the year 2011, which was considered near-future at the time of game's development. Just as in the stellar [url=]Wing Commander series, a good part of the plot is being delivered via cut-scenes, briefings, and sections representing every day life in a paramilitary base that hauses a squad of hired guns. The simulated combat is action-oriented and satisfying, and the story of elite pilot squad taking on the world full of injustice and violence is compelling and well-executed. Our release of the game includes the Tactical Operations expansion and the extended Speech Pack, as well as rare documents such as the playtester's guide and an in-depth strategy guide.

The sky is yours in Strike Commander, for only $5.99 on Godspeed, flyboy (or flygirl)!
viperfdl: The ASM already existed since 1986 in Germany.

Regarding carrier landings I can recommend:
F-14 Fleet Defender
Flight of the Intruder
Fleet Defender was brilliant! Gave a very realistic feeling of being part of a large battle, with providing cover for bombers etc. And yes, the carrier landings were awesome. Still not sure I ever mastered that radar though...
The carrier landings in "Heroes of the Pacific" are great; all you need to do is stay inside of the circles. Now that is one of the more realistic parts of the game and some folks might frown on that, but I encourage everyone to give it a look and or a vote. :D
Cool release, I forgot about this game. Some great EA releases lately.
LOL, this was the game where you could go on a series of missions in support of Quebec separatist forces against Canada. It was actually a pretty fun game, too. Tempted...
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Nice. Don't give a fig about the other release today. Anywho, I've never played any of Origin's action sims outside the WC crowd, so it might be high time that I do. Definitely hoping for the eventual (and highly likely) re-releases of Wings of Glory and Pacific Strike then.

I'm pretty sure I'll like it since it also uses the old WC engine. As praised as the later WC games (3 and on) may be I don't seem to be finding them much fun to play. Yeah, they got nice cutscenes, but that's about it. Kind of forced myself through WC3 and I stopped playing WC4 a few missions in - those hard-to-avoid-even-with-decoys-almost-instant-kill missiles didn't help either. Returning to WC Privateer after that was like pure bliss. That game can be punishing, too, but usually that's on me biting off more than I can chew at a time.
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Oh I remember this.
Does this include the Sudden Death fake magazine thing?? That book was so cool. lol
nifehed: Does this include the Sudden Death fake magazine thing?? That book was so cool. lol
Yes, yes it does :D
thanks GOG
This game was the culprit that I leave my predilection for pure simulators as the old "F-16 Fighting Falcon" or "F-19 Stealth Fighter" in favor of story-driven ones. I can't express a greater compliment to this masterpiece. :)
Does this include the speech pack and the tactical operations ?

Edit : It does :-)

I saw it on the store page.

It's a full release so it's instant buy for me.

Btw Thanks GOG for this release ! This one is really a good old game !
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This may have been one of the best release days ever, at least since the release of System Shock 2.
Two games I've hoped to see on GOG for a long time finally appeared simultaneously!
Son of a gun with a cinnamon bun! This is really weird. All day I've been thinking "I really want Strike Commander! I really want Strike Commander!" I began saying it in my mind. I daydreamed about it. I hadn't checked GOG yet. I expected a couple more indies (it's a Tuesday after all) or something from 2003 or later, and, poof! Here's Strike Commander!!!!

Okay guys! Confess! You've been playing around with long distance mental suggestion technology again. Lately whenever I find myself thinking of a game, it suddenly appears on The day before you released Terminal Velocity, I was thinking "I wish had that game that was something like first-person Xevious but way cooler" and, ZZAMM! Here comes Terminal Velocity!

I can see the headlines now: Invents Long Distance Mental Suggestion Device!

Ultramegainstabuy to the power of 1000!
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Very happy about this release. And it also includes both the Speech and Expansion pack. Couldn't resist to instabuy it just a minute ago. Great job GOG-Team!
First System Shock 2, Clive Barker's Undying, and now the golden oldie Strike Commander. I approve GOG. First spate of releases that have made me excited about this site in awhile; since about the Thief series making its way here really. This is what I'm here for.

Hopefully the EA backlog trend continues with American McGee's Alice and Privateer 2 next month. And the later one I'll host a multiple giveaway for to boot.