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Re-charge and go!

Re-Volt, a dynamic racing game with tons of fun and excitement that only RC toy cars could possibly provide, is available on, for only $5.99.

Go through the pipe, use the cardboard ramp to jump across the puddle, zip through the hole in the picket fence and take a sharp turn to fit on the sidewalk. Look at your opponent, he didn't make the turn, and now his car tumbles into the storm drain. Oh no! The battery runs low, and the finish line is still fifty feet away. Time to use the boost, you were saving through the whole race! Wooosh!!! Damn that pidgeon, why did he had to be in the way. Nevermind, the finish line. So close. Battery failing. So slow. Oh no, the buzzing of a tiny engine just around the corner. Get pass the finish line. Now. Victory!

Re-Volt will make your inner child squeal with joy! If you ever got to play with RC cars (or, really, any other type of toy cars as there is no limit to child's imagination), you will find the same whimsical excitement in this fantastic, colorful game. With many types of RC cars to choose from, a great selection of imaginative tracks improvised in some of the most unexpected places, and dynamic gameplay nicely conveying the "light" physics of toy cars. If you're looking for a racing game packed with tons of fun, this classic title is a safe pick for you!

Batteries and plastic can easily prove to be far more exciting than gasoline and metal in Re-Volt, on, for only $5.99
Thanks GOG! This one was hands down my favorite PC Racing game!!! I'm so glad that I'll be able to play this again. Not only is there a track editor, but it's very easy to make models for this game using 3DSMax, and there are many many mods available for it.

I'm curious as to how GOG made this compatible with Win7 and 8? Did they use the 1.2 patch made from the folks at
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Yes, yes, yes! GOG team, you made me very happy today. :-)

one of the childhood memories lies there.

although my all time favourite will always be Rollcage stage 2
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Great Release! Still own it, will wait for feedback before I switch to the GOG version.
Wow great release GOG! A genuinely fun RC cars racing game that still looks pretty good nowadays. thanks
Best racing game. ı remember my childhood when ı saw revolt.
Awesome, another Acclaim release landing on GOG

So I wonder when are we going to see Turok 1 & 2, Forsaken and a fair few other games they released, its only a matter of time :)

Nice game, played it loads back in the day, wishlisted for the time being
This was about the only racing game I had fun playing as a child, really liked this a lot. I'm still not good at racing games but it's nice to see this one up here.
now time for Rollcage

and lets not forget Micro Machines games :)
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high rated
Leaving my official neutral position for a while to thank the GOG teams for signing and preparing this great game :) Loved to play it back in the days and hope GOG-ers will love it too!
Loved this game back in the day, semi-instabuy for me (I'll still wait a little to see if any problems pop up).
Did it have TCP/IP multiplayer or just local?
This was one of the best DC games. Thank you!
Missed this title back when it appeared, will probably get this.
Nice to have both versions of the soundtrack also.
Smannesman: Loved this game back in the day, semi-instabuy for me (I'll still wait a little to see if any problems pop up).
Did it have TCP/IP multiplayer or just local?
well there is a world league still going for it :D
Fever_Discordia: As *I* predicted! :8D
Who the heck are H2 Interactive though?
Looks like a cool release
G-Doc: Yup. I did notice you were the first to guess correctly.
Good to know! Still kinda curious as to who H2 are though, they seem to have no web presence other than a Korean site that also seems to also mention Bohemia Interactive in the google preview but then the site forbids access!

Since your reply I seem to have a stuck 'Forum Replies' flag BTW, I think it was because I was viewing the thread when you replied, this has happened once before, I'm not too bothered but I thought I'd report it...