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The future is furry!

Inherit the Earth, a classic point-and-click adventure game set in the post-human times when animals take over, is available on, for only $5.99

Is there a place for humankind in Earth's future? Many would argue that the planet is ours and we will inhabit it for as long as it can nurture life. This might not be the case. In this amazing story, humans are but the stuff of legends, a thing of the past long gone. Animals are the new rulers and they starting to resemble us in many ways, taking on our merits and flaws as a species. There is much uncertainty about the fate of humans and the origins of the animals civilization, and there are many secrets to uncover. One unwilling adventurer will face all the mysteries he wouldn't even dream of as his quest to clear his good name takes him on an unexpected journey.

Inherit the Earth tells an intriguing story of mystery and magic by the means of classic point-and-click adventure gameplay. It sports excellent pixel-art graphics that makes the future world vivid and the anthropomorphic characters believable. The quest that lies before Rif of the Fox Tribe, our main protagonist, is involving and it will keep you entertained down to the last click. If you enjoy point-and-click adventures of the 1990s, make sure not to miss this original little gem.

Venture into the woodland future and witness the adventure of our furry descendants in Inherit the Earth, for only $5.99.
low rated
This game reminds me of some really weird porn I saw some time ago...
hardcore Gaming has an article on Inherit the earth if anyone's interested:
Wishlisted! :p
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Never heard of this game before, but it has an interesting theme.
Never heard of this but think i will pass being that its an adventure.
Never played this, but wishlisted nevertheless.
A game from The Dreamers Guild !!

Will we see Legend of Kyrandia in the near future ?

I really hope so !
Stooner: Furries!
JMich: Fury of the Furries confirmed!

Oh, wait, you are not a blue...
I had to search for that game.. and now I'm interested!
narayan666: A game from The Dreamers Guild !!

Will we see Legend of Kyrandia in the near future ?

I really hope so !
The Dreamers Guild only did the Mac version of Legend of Kyrandia, it's a Westwood game otherwise. Still, we already have Lands of Lore by Westwood, so yeah, GOG, when do we get Kyrandia? And Command & Conquer? And Red Alert? And Dune 2? ;-)
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(Prepares M Bison voice) YYYESS!!! YYEEEESSSSS!!!

Thanks GOG -- been dying to play this for years as several friends have always said what a cool adventure it is. The graphics too are surprisingly good for such an old game.

Downloading as I type, will get back with first impressions soon :)

BTW - here's a Let's Play -- utterly charming, I'd say.
Bought, thanks for the Mac release!
Are the animals in the game, similar to humans?