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Your terror will be legendary--even in hell!

Clive Barker’s Undying, a captivating horror-themed first person shooter with a dark arcane story penned by one of contemporary the masters of terrifying fiction, is available on, for only $5.99.

The Covenant siblings had no bad intentions. Just some words found in an old book from the father's library--what harm could they do? It was going to be all fun, and only fun to utter the blasphemous passages at the old standing stones in the garden. So they called upon the darkness, never expecting it would answer. It did. A dark occult ritual unleashed ancient demonic forces upon the Covenant Estate on the coast of Ireland. A demonic presence threatens to unravel the very fabric of our reality. You are Patrick Galloway, an expert on the occult, the wielder of the demonic Gel'ziabar Stone, and a friend to Jeremiah Covenent, the eldest of the siblings. You are summoned to end the chaos and free the condemned souls.

Clive Barker’s Undying is a first person shooter that delivers fantastic action gameplay and splices it with occult mystery and terror. You will face horrors from hell and put them to rest with incredible weapons like the Tibetan hand cannon or the Scythe of the Celt. Clive Barker, himself, influenced the story greatly and even voiced one of the characters. If you are a horror fan and enjoy immersive FPS gameplay, no force in heaven nor hell should stop you from playing this one!

Find out why the dead are restless and help them on their way back to the void in Clive Barker’s Undying, for only $5.99 on!
011284mm: Maybe soon we can have Clive Bakers Jericho here. That was a good game, just a shame I had so many problems getting it to run when I still had the disk.
Even though that title was a bit bland in some aspects(not much interaction in the levels, very linear, stupid save system) it shined in others(like the cut-scene look/presentation, teammate histories, dossiers, etc). As such, I found what I played of it to be very good, and I agree it should be added here someday.
Kunovski: I bought this game so hard now that my credit card caught fire!!!
One of the top ten posts ITT. +1
CthuluIsSpy: Undying is here...
Give me a moment...


Does anyone have any tissues?
Yes....but they're "slightly used*. 0.o
GameRager: That's nothing....after I started SS2 I kept playing/re-playing(for various reasons) the game up until the BOTM levels before restarting. I went about 5 years before I finally got around to pushing through and finishing that gem.
Kunovski: Tell me about it, I'm stuck right there too...
The funny thing is the level linearity/simpleness isn't what bothers me most, but the "chaos" of it all.

(My OCD[Obsessive compulsive disorder] makes it hard for me to play games that are too open worlded/games with too many paths & choices/ games like this with rooms/areas that aren't symmetrical/easy to define[in my mind] as to their "purpose"[When I play some games I think stuff like "That locked unopenable door leads to security room of the ship" or "That building is a restaurant", etc, when I can't enter/thoroughly examine some areas in a game.].)
GameRager: I(personally) don't get what the big deal is about least the game looks proper(aspect wise).....the screen just has black bars around it. :)
fortune_p_dawg: I agree, but this game doesn't look bad when stretched to fill the screen. Thought maybe it's just a preference thing.
I don't mind either way....I was just showing how letterbox isn't all that bad if it means some can play as they might want[without game stretching, etc]. :)
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Might pick this up if nothing on sale this week catches my attention.

Was just checking out some gameplay and reviews for some impressions of what it's like and I found this rather hilarious video review:
GOG, you drain my wallet this month. First Omikron, now Clive.
denormative: I get the feeling I was one of the few people to actually finish that game. It felt completely rushed to market without play testing and only one of the character classes actually felt like it was playable to the finish. But it was quite fun for all the frustration.
(Spoilers ahead, but minor)

Which character was it, if I may ask(no spoilers in yer answer, though, if you please)? I played the human and picked several side paths before reaching the "meet smiley" quest. At that point the game crashed/save corrupted when I was about to finish that quest. I went back to an older save but the same thing kept happening. I even asked the developers but not much came of that(Admittedly this was partially due to my laziness in pursuing the issue all the way at that time.). :\

For me, the game's storyline(though a bit cliched) and graphics/characters made it a fun little romp. Too bad it was never polished further/better acclaimed.
A good game.

funny that i wrote on how to mod it to work with 3dfx on my blog, wasnt aware its going to be here.

if anyone interested-
Sargon: Many of the old FPS games, had a new weapon that had not been used before in a FPS as the melee starting weapon bound to key: 1. Wolfestein 3D had a knife, Doom had fists, Duke Nukem 3D had boots, Quake had an axe, Shadow Warrior a katana (as well as fists), Unreal Tournament had the Impact hammer, Heretic had a staff, Hexen had gauntlets (for the fighter) and a mace (for the cleric) and Blood had a pitchfork. Which basic melee weapon do you think this horror themed FPS had? Don't answer if you know it and don't google it!
Don't have to google it, but I know what it is. I won't say much else than this, though: Superman wouldn't like it much as a gag gift, I don't think. ;)
Nice. Gonna wishlist until I get done with Realms of the Haunting, then I'll have to pick it up. :D

Great addition to the the catalog.
Just curious...does anyone know how well the original disc version works with Win7/64-bit? TIA
Wishlisted. I own the CD version of the game, but this is such a good game, and I'll probably end up buying this DRM-free, win 7-8 compatible version too.
Yet another awesome release.
This game used to freak me the hell out.
Plan on grabbing this and Omikron asap.
Thanks GOG for keeping up with the classics.
Holy cow Undying!!! ^.^ Wishlisted!
jcdenton11: Been thinking about this game recently after reading some of Barker's books, GOG is on a roll with this and Omilkron. Keep it up!
tinyE: Which books? I'm a huge fan of his myself.
I recently read Coldheart Canyon and Books of Blood 1-3. Some of his short stories are mind-blowing, "The Midnight Meat Train" really got me excited to read more. I had to order 4-6 from the UK and I just picked up The Damnation Game and Imagica to read when I have some time.
This game really needs a locksmith.
No F***** way ! waiting for this one for a while. What a pleasant surprise. Thanks GOG.