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Your terror will be legendary--even in hell!

Clive Barker’s Undying, a captivating horror-themed first person shooter with a dark arcane story penned by one of contemporary the masters of terrifying fiction, is available on, for only $5.99.

The Covenant siblings had no bad intentions. Just some words found in an old book from the father's library--what harm could they do? It was going to be all fun, and only fun to utter the blasphemous passages at the old standing stones in the garden. So they called upon the darkness, never expecting it would answer. It did. A dark occult ritual unleashed ancient demonic forces upon the Covenant Estate on the coast of Ireland. A demonic presence threatens to unravel the very fabric of our reality. You are Patrick Galloway, an expert on the occult, the wielder of the demonic Gel'ziabar Stone, and a friend to Jeremiah Covenent, the eldest of the siblings. You are summoned to end the chaos and free the condemned souls.

Clive Barker’s Undying is a first person shooter that delivers fantastic action gameplay and splices it with occult mystery and terror. You will face horrors from hell and put them to rest with incredible weapons like the Tibetan hand cannon or the Scythe of the Celt. Clive Barker, himself, influenced the story greatly and even voiced one of the characters. If you are a horror fan and enjoy immersive FPS gameplay, no force in heaven nor hell should stop you from playing this one!

Find out why the dead are restless and help them on their way back to the void in Clive Barker’s Undying, for only $5.99 on!
I'm pleased to see so many "new" oldies in GOG recently.
mondo84: So I guess this is what last week's clue was referring to (undead, soul not finding rest in death, etc.). Cool!
Knowing the evil nature of GOG, they are going to release both CB Undying and Revenant this week.

I wonder if that (Dreamworks) means Neverhood is coming soon.
Undying has a bit slow start - but after it stats picking up speed it becomes very good. I think i may need to buy it eventually the second time :)
Wow, awesome release. I have 2 boxed copies of this game sitting next to me right now. I have the original release and also the Sold Out budget release. So I won't be getting it any time soon, will wishlist for a future date though to get the extras mainly and hassle free installation and no disc needed to run.

Little fun fact, Clive Barkers Undying was one of the first games to ship in a DVD case after it was decided by the industry to cut down on box sizes (Most releases were getting the big A4 cardboard boxes still)

Keep up the great work, you are still living up to your name, you know, Good Old Games :)
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I started playing it a month ago, but stopped because I had a problem I couldn't fix. I bought it instantly when I saw it, because I know that now it will work as it should!
It's 1st time I hear about that game, did I miss much? :P
Trid: It's 1st time I hear about that game, did I miss much? :P
Tak! ;-)
Trid: It's 1st time I hear about that game, did I miss much? :P
You go buy it NOW, and then slap yourself with a wet Haddock to bring you back to reality!!!!
Dear GOG,

could you please stop releasing games i always wanted to get (again)? My Wallet can't take this anymore!



Keep 'em coming! It's great to see so many awesome games released lately! :-)

People on GOG, BUY THIS GAME!!

As you can tell I am very happy Undying has finally made it onto GOG. It not just "another scary game”.
Infact I'd recommend this even if you don't like scary games because unlike modern scary games (CoughAmnesiaSlendercough) Undying doesn't try to scary by simply nerfing your ability to fight back but gives you a really fun set of weapons and spells to use on your enemies that you won’t see elsewhere. And the game is fun. But it still manages to be scary (very scary in parts) because of its strong emphasis on atmosphere story and world (Seriously read all the text, it enhances the game tenfold).

It looks great even now thanks to the effort put into the design of each environment (Look out for a section of the house clearly inspired by La Bell a Le-Bett) and it you’ll never forget just how silly the words “Stuck” and “Jammed!” are after you’ve spent long enough looking for clues (If you’ve played Undying you know what I mean).
All the previous talk about GOG gonna cut old quality release slowly to favour newer stuff starting to appear bit irrelevant.
So it's not Revenant this week, but wow....

just WOW....

You guys rock. And 5.99 only. EA rocks too. I wonder if other Dreamworks games like Neverhood (???) can come too...
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I still have my boxed copy of this lying around somewhere , don't hesitate to pick this one up guys , its an awesome game , I'm going to get it here on gog too.
Awesome releases and special offers lately ... thanks gog !
Crosmando: Arrrrrgh what the frack have you done GOG

What is this forced 3dfx bullshit, you can't edit the .ini files to change to widescreen resolutions anymore it just makes the graphics unplayable, and it seems like it's forcing 16-bit color and a 4:3 field of view.

How do you change 3dfx settings?
Interesting... but then it makes sense, as using a 3Dfx mode with a Glide emulator (nGlide?) probably works more reliably on various different systems, rather than relying on the game's old Direct3D implementation.

If it is indeed locked to 3Dfx Glide mode, then I presume it will only show 16bpp colors and max resolution of 800x600. Then again, I think these Unreal engine games were pretty much optimized for 3Dfx Voodoo 2 and such, even though they had also Direct3D support?

By the way, how is it with these old polygon-based 3D games which were made in the era of 4:3 monitors, and nowadays you try to switch them to widescreen resolutions? I presume all images are just stretched then to fill the screen (ie. circles become ellipses etc.), or do they actually show more of the scenery on the sides, that is missing if you run the game with 4:3 aspect ratio resolutions?
Damn can't find the hilarious christian review of this game. Too bad, it was a great read :D