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Your terror will be legendary--even in hell!

Clive Barker’s Undying, a captivating horror-themed first person shooter with a dark arcane story penned by one of contemporary the masters of terrifying fiction, is available on, for only $5.99.

The Covenant siblings had no bad intentions. Just some words found in an old book from the father's library--what harm could they do? It was going to be all fun, and only fun to utter the blasphemous passages at the old standing stones in the garden. So they called upon the darkness, never expecting it would answer. It did. A dark occult ritual unleashed ancient demonic forces upon the Covenant Estate on the coast of Ireland. A demonic presence threatens to unravel the very fabric of our reality. You are Patrick Galloway, an expert on the occult, the wielder of the demonic Gel'ziabar Stone, and a friend to Jeremiah Covenent, the eldest of the siblings. You are summoned to end the chaos and free the condemned souls.

Clive Barker’s Undying is a first person shooter that delivers fantastic action gameplay and splices it with occult mystery and terror. You will face horrors from hell and put them to rest with incredible weapons like the Tibetan hand cannon or the Scythe of the Celt. Clive Barker, himself, influenced the story greatly and even voiced one of the characters. If you are a horror fan and enjoy immersive FPS gameplay, no force in heaven nor hell should stop you from playing this one!

Find out why the dead are restless and help them on their way back to the void in Clive Barker’s Undying, for only $5.99 on!
There's a post here, I'm not ninjaing it... (I hope)
No fucking way. I was just trying to remember the name of this game last night! Holy shit. If my PC wasn't dead right now, this would an instabuy!
Nice release here... but everyone goes a little too fast to post (news post is incomplete, JMich's one is a placeholder).

Wishlisted for now.
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The very definition of a "Cult Classic", unique and underrated

I remember reading about this ages ago but never got the chance to play it, thank you very much to GOG and EA for bringing it here

Omikron last week...Undying this week...keep up the great releases GOG :)
Nice release. I recall this was quite ok, but not quite as scary as I was hoping. Common problem with "horror games" where you can simply shoot the demons down like in any generic shooter. "Realms of the Haunting" had the same problem. In my opinion survival horror games are more effective as horror games.

I have the retail, maybe I'll get the GOG version from some sale, maybe.
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Excellent release this one! I had many an hour getting spooked by this.

Suffers a lot from Locked door syndrome - not as open as you'd like, but the overriding memory is the use of the medallion to get ghost ' visions' of the past and some seriously nasty paintings on the walls!

Insta-wished (payday is end of month..;)
Very nice release, good to see what apparently is another wave of EA releases.
Great release! I have heard so many amazing things about this game. Wishlisted!

So I guess this is what last week's clue was referring to (undead, soul not finding rest in death, etc.). Cool!
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Did anyone else ever have stability issues running this, back in the day?

I could never get more than a few minutes in before it would crash, and I so desperately wanted to play it. I think the problem was soundcard related.

Going to have to think very carefully about this one.
great release one really good game
Any chance of seeing the Mac version here soon?
is this based on a book?