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For those about to ROCK, we salute you!

Brütal Legend, an epic heavy metal tale of one exceptional roadie's way to rocking godhood in the timeless realm of thundering power chords, is available 33% off on for Windows and Mac OS X. That's only $9.99 for the first week.

Eddie Riggs wasn't a roadie. He was the roadie. The best there ever was. That thing they say about him, that the elder gods of rock themselves called upon him to embody the spirit of heavy metal, that's probably true. So, how he ended up building stages and carrying guitars for the worst band of nu-emo-rap-metal posers, remains a mystery. They also say, however, that once horned angels leave a mark on a man's soul, he is destined for great things. Terrible, but great. That's why Eddie didn't stay confused long, when by ancient magic he was dragged straight into the middle of the hellish metal realm. With heart full of thunder, head full of raging riffs, and hands full of double-bladed battle axe, he rushed to meet the epic adventure, and probably violently knock out some of its teeth. This is his story: the tale of how the elder realm of rock was changed forever to remain the same.

Brütal Legend is a mixture of an action-RPG of the hack and slash pedigree, spiked with a serving of real-time strategy unit command. Most importantly, though, it's a tribute to all things heavy metal. It visits many iconic motifs of the true rock aesthetics and sports over a hundred heavy metal hymns from rocking giants as Judas Priest, Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Manowar, and Slayer, among others, in its exceptional in-game soundtrack. The main character is voiced by the Hollywood's hardest rocker Jack Black, and the inhabitants of the elder realm speak with the voices of legends such as Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford, and--as the demonic über-villain--Tim Curry. Hell, this game even has Wil Wheaton! That explosive mixture of amazing artists, epic music, brilliant story, and bloody action-packed gameplay was conceived and developed by Tim Schafer and his insanely creative and creatively insane Double Fine team. If you're passionate about any of the mentioned elements, you will instantly fall in love with this awe-inspiring game!

Set off on the highway to hell and pick your heavy metal destiny while the blazing thunders of rock blaze through your skull in Brütal Legend, for only $9.99 on The 33% off offer lasts until Tuesday, July 29, at 9:59AM GMT.

Important notice:
This DRM-free version of the game does not support multi-player features due to circumstances beyond our control.
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And now for something completely different:
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The 33% off offer lasts until Tuesday, July 29, at 9:59AM GMT.
Is it just me or the aforementioned date is a little bit confusing? 29th is a Monday.
KneeTheCap: I already did say I was wrong. I can now see clearly. Thank you all for putting me on the right path.
Fesin: Please stop embarrassing yourself. It's painful to watch.
Embarrassing myself? I am merely accepting your views. Surely that cannot be embarrassing?
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Another title with a Linux client but GOG still doesn't support Linux. Makes me sad.