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A completely new chapter in the most prominent modern horror game series.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, a terrifying survival horror game set in Victorian London, on the edge of insanity and nightmare, is available for pre-orders 20% off on That's only $15.99 before the game is released on September 10.

Cold sweat running down my back, I sit wide awake in my bed. Before the fever is back, I have a moment of clarity to reflect upon my dreams. The noise of the machine that haunts them still sounds in my head. The visions of infernal machinery are driving me insane, never revealing the installations whole form nor purpose. All I'm certain about is my fear. The cold sting of its needle pierces right through my heart. The world feels more and more like a small cardboard box, and its walls are getting closer, and closer. Finally, they will close on me and trap me inside, like in a little coffin. Even though the window is open, and the cold, damp air of the London night extends its tendrils down my lungs, I don't feel that I can breathe freely as the fear consumes me. I can hear that infernal engine again. Strange, I could've sworn I'm not asleep anymore.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, the indirect sequel to [url=]Amnesia: The Dark Descent[/url] excels in the art of terror storytelling. Using first-person perspective gameplay, suggestive visuals, and chilling ambiance, it creates an experience that all horror fans will deeply appreciate. Altering and expanding the ideas used in the previous Amnesia story, the game offers a new level of immersion and interaction, that will make you feel a part of the events more than ever before. With a gripping story-line, perfect pacing, and atmospheric environment design, this title is everything you need to make your heart beat faster.

Pre-order Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs for only $15.99 on today, and start preparing for one of the most terrifying and unsettling gaming experiences of your life. The 20% pre-order discount offer lasts until the game's release, which is expected on September 10.
Looks like Halloween started early for me this year, despite the lack of features compared to the original Amnesia It's still an enjoyable and creepy game, totally worth buying.

I don't regret buying it from gog however I do wish they add the Linux version, I see many people here driven away for this reason alone

The least gog can do to redeem to this problem is to include the Linux version and maybe add a disclaimer that the platform isn't officially supported. For any problems there's the forums, opening a thread never hurts.