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Pardinuz: I usually don't mod games that much. Unless we're talking about The Elder Scrolls...
20 or 30 you say? I used to play Skyrim with over 350 mods. I had so many mods I had to merge several of them together in order to be able to run all of them at once.
It was a very time consuming process to fix all the mod conflicts but the end result was an epic experience perfectly tailored to my preferences.
i generally got about 80 to 100 oblivion mods
It depends on the game. I really liked Morrowind and thought it was not quite perfect. So I added about a dozen mods, some I made myself, and I enjoy it a lot more. There is still one more annoyance I'd like to mod out but I'm not sure it's even possible due to limitations in the game engine. By contrast I have over 200 for Oblivion because I hated just about every new "feature" that Bethesda changed from Morrowind. Fallout 3 I only have about 50, and several of those I made myself as well. Most other games don't really allow for too many mods. For example Mount & Blade (the first one) really only lets you use one mod at a time. Although with some file manipulation and INI edits I'm able to get a few extra tidbits in there. I'm also playing STALKER with the Complete mod.
the_atm: So just recently in the past few months I've gotten more into PC gaming and with that comes the all important... mods!

They are fantastic, especially in games like Fallout and Elderscrolls. Looking at my Skyrim nexus mod manager I have 35 mods installed, fallout 3 has around 20 something.

Yet most of my friends say that's way to many, you only need about 2 or 3 to fix the bugs and maybe an ENB...

What are y'all's thoughts? Do you prefer just a few mods or do you load up on mods with 20 or 30?
I use a few...
in Fomm what number is mod index "CD"?

Elder Scrolls..
I have been more into TES3 lately but I have also played (and modded) the heck out of TES 4 in the past.

I'm not one just to use mods to just "fix" the game but rather tell my chars' stories even if the story is that of a child enslaving raiders in a post-apoc wasteland.
Vanilla first, max 40 mods(usually less). I try to keep mods to what i deem interesting (some cosmetics, some story mods) and ncessary (the unofficial patches).