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Giana Sisters + Pid + Capsized + Snapshot for $11.21; Myst games collection for $9.45!

Welcome to our [url=]2013 #NoDRM Summer Sale, day 12! Today we offer you a visit in one of the most imaginative and awe inspiring gameworlds ever created. You'll be discovering ancient secrets and exploring fantastic locations, uncovering the fate of an entire mythical civilization, one game at a time. Or, for a change of pace, you can indulge in some run-and-jump action in one of the recent platformers from our second bundle. Those games prove that one of the oldest genres is not only alive and well but, thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of many indie devs, it also still can offer many fresh and exciting ideas. Let's take a look at the bundles, shall we?

In our [url= ]Platformers Reborn Pack[/url], for only $11.21, you get Snapshot, a 2D platformer with adorable pixel-art graphics and an original instant space-bending gameplay twist, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, a delightfully fresh and fulfilling blast from the glorious 2D platformer past, Capsized, an exploration-focused otherworldly adventure, with physics-based puzzles, jetpacking, and--of course--some shooting, and finally Pid, a gorgeous, original platforming experience telling a story of a little boy stranded on a mysterious planet. All that with 75% bundle discount!

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For an amazing adventure experience visit our Library of Myst. The admission is only $9.45, and once enter its ancient halls you'll make your first step towards uncovering some of the gaming's most profound and incredible secrets. Exploring this realm, you'll visit the worlds of Myst: Masterpiece Edition or/and Real Myst, Riven, Uru: Complete Chronicles, and Myst 5: End of Ages to face some of the most devious puzzles you've ever been challenged with. With the 75% off discount, this bundle could be called a no-brainer, except that one you'll get it you'll need all the brainpower you can muster to beat it!

All of the above offers last for the next 24 hours, that is until Sunday, June 30, at 12:59PM GMT. Enjoy our #NoDRM Summer Sale, and drop by tomorrow for more massive discounts and gaming excitement!
The biggest problem Myst has for me is that I bought it when it was released. I don't remember the game too fondly as it seemed more like a pretty game. I got stuck early, and so I imagine buying it again would be nothing more than stepping through some walk-thru to complete.

On the other hand, I passed up completing the Platformers pack, but I just saw a video on the twisted dreams, and that looks like fun to me. I might pick that up yet. Need to watch a youtube gameplay video on it first.
I can believe there is no rayman in that platform bundle.... the last one would have been a hit! The twisted dream looks really interesting though... hard decision...
Fred_DM: his point is that he has to re-buy games he already owns in order to get the special discount on the games he actually wants.
Well, Fred_DM, thanks for explaining what was obvious!

My point, however, is that he cannot seriously expect GoG to grant him the full 75% off, only because he has bought some of the games at an earlier time somewhere else.

And let's not forget: even if he decides to pass on the games he already owns he still gets a decent 50% off on the remaining games.

And apart from that: how many of those games you and me and everyone else have purchased here on GoG, we did already own on Disk, CD, DVD or as a downloadable .exe from some of GoGs Digital Competitors?

Heck, I actually thought, that was the original point in GoGs existence: being able to rebuy / replay games, that we once owned (or still own), but cannot get to run (hassle-free) on our modern systems.

Out of the 193 games I purchased here on GoG, at least 80% are games I did already own before - some of them even twice.

EDIT: To make my point more clear:

Out of the actual "Platformers Reborn Pack", I already own Giana Sisters (I was a Backer of their KS-Campaign, so I received a DRM-free and a Steam-Version), Capsized and Snapshot (Humble Bundle?) only Pid remaining.

If I was interested in that, I could get it now for $4,99 instead of the usual $9,99...which is a good deal on its own, OR I could pay $6,22 more for the complete bundle and purchase with that the comfort of having all those games, easy accessable, under one roof.

Now, I'm not interested in Pid, but if I was - I wouldn't complain here, that I don't get the 75% off, unless I rebuy three games I already payed for in other stores.

It's called "common sense".
Post edited June 30, 2013 by BreOl72