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Free stuff this way! A considerable amount of added value has just hit Betrayal at Krondor, which from now on will be known as the Betrayal at Krondor pack and will include Betrayal in Antara, at no extra cost.

Betrayal in Antara is a role-playing game that uses an updated version of Krondor's engine. It isn't a sequel, however, as its story couldn't be set in Raymond E. Feist’s world of Midkemia, but in a complex, well-designed world of Ramar, created just for this game. The interface and mechanics, the familiar combat system in particular, are pretty much the same, which means they're very good. Finally, there are many memorable characters in this game, the story is complicated, in a good way, and keeps getting better as you go along. Overall, a solid, oldschool RPG that is definitely worth a try. Also, it's added to the Betrayal at Krondor for free!
Wow, this was a nice surprise, since I already owned Betrayal at Krondor. I wub you GOG <3
Wow, what a nice gift. Thank you GOG.
Awesome work GoG team!

It's really nice to see that you Care about your customers and always try to get the best value for money for us Gamers :)

looks like I will be picking up this pack very soon
Rockin. Too bad I don't own the game :( When you said free stuff I got all excited for nothing haha
hrmm.. I thought this was an expansion for MOO2 at first!! ;-p Never knew about this, but seeing as how I already own Betrayal at Krondor, I will have to give this a shot.
Never played this one... interesting stuff. I hadn't got around to getting Betrayal at Krondor, so this is certainly motivation.

Well done GOG, if my CC information was saved on your site I would buy this sucker right now, but as it is my CC is downstairs and it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Hint, hint.
Amazing and thanks GOG.
Now I must say this is very good news, really good this game is now in GOGs catalogue.

This is really good time for RPG fans.
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Nice one! I don't own it. But that's certainly temptation to change that fact.

Edit: but this isn't this week's only release though, right.? I'm certainly not against bolstering existing titles. But the release schedule's slow enough as it is right now.
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Wow, this was one I definitely didn't see coming. I actually have Betrayal at Antara on CD but I have never gotten it to work in 64-bit OS probably because it was made for Windows 3.1. So I'm definitely looking forward to trying it.
This is great, thank you, GOG!
As I've purchased Betrayal at Krondor earlier (it was an instabuy for me), I'm really happy that now I own both of these games. By the way, I haven't played with Betrayal at Antara, so now I've got a chance play it.
<imitating Cartman>I love you guys...
HOLY MOTHER OF #^#%&$%^&#!!! I'm stunned, it's been so long since I've seen Betrayal at Antara. Way back in the day, I could never finish this game, cause the final disc was crap and never worked. I can finally get the chance to actually finish the game :) THANK YOU GOG!!
Why, thank you. It's a bit surprising to log onto a webstore and find that they've just given you a game you would have bought if it was released separately, but I won't complain... :-)

This is the second time this has happened with me, first time was when the Ishar-pack was expanded.