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Here's the mixes I have created so far! They are not focused on games that I would necessarily recommend - it is more like strange themes that I come up with that connects certain games:

10 games based on comics
Games in Underwater Environment
Be an octopus/hacker/queen/pig/badger/vampire/thief ...
The 8 Biggest Titles!!!
Gory Games With Lotsa Blood!
50+ games: A Chronology of Human History
S E X in video games
7 deadly sins. 7 games to play.
Lure of the Box Art Babes
Truly original turn-based! NO rpg or warfare boredom!

Suggestions & critique are welcome!
Games that have Big Titties?
Heh! I made another one:

Cheap oldies with long titles!
$5 and below!

Above mix has certainly been created by others before. But while making it, I discovered some games I had overlooked before:
Tyrian 2000