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He outright blames Alexzander, his own son, for turning his tormentor and kiddnapper into a cat so he could return home, just because the evil wizards brother decides to take revenge.

Also in the closing credits, Val, rosella and ghram are walking back to the castle with there arms around each other but Alexzander walks alone.

Also after mordaks defeat he had to force himself as part of the group hug. Maybe because his son was kiddnaped for the first part of his life and did not grow up around the castle with rosella, he considers his Blood son, not really part of the royal faimily.

I never really noticed this the first time I played the game through and upon replaying them, substituting the agdi remakes for the first 3 I always liked ghram, but now I have lost a bit of respect for him. He seems to be punishing or at least looking down on his son for being a victom.

In keeping with the fanfiction of the agdi remakes the father did Alexzander a favor by saying over daventry your heirs shant reign as part of the curse. Poor alex will be much more happy as king of the land of the green isles with his casema. :(
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And I agree. What a dirt bag! :)
Ya think?
I would not have invite ghram to the wedding, Val yes, she shows concern for her son but not ghram. Whats the dudes issue?