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Dark, dark ages.

Inquisitor, a dark medieval story of witchcraft prosecution, inspired by the classic isometric gems of PC role-playing golden age, is available 66% off on That's only $4.99 for the next 24 hours.

Whispers in the dark, voices tempting the weak minds, demons creeping into the world of man--this is your reality, brother. To strike against evil is your holy duty. The edge of your sword is the way of redemption. Show no mercy, as you will find no compassion in the corrupt hearts of the enemies of faith. Remember this, brother, your work--as terrible as it may seem--is a necessity. Shall the bodies perish in fire, the souls will be saved. Do not hesitate to take the mundane lives of heretics, as their eternal lives are at stake. Do not be afraid to inflict pain, as you'll be saving them from eternal suffering and damnation. Truthfully, brother inquisitor, you'll be saving all of the world.

Inquisitor trailer

Inquisitor offers gameplay that takes you back to the classic era of isometric PC RPGs. Its dark, non-linear, and morally ambiguous story unfolds in thousands of pages worth of atmospheric dialog that paints a convincing picture of a medieval world facing a demonic threat. You play the part of the holy inquisitor in this tale, and your character's mission will force you to take drastic actions in order to stop a greater evil from taking over the realm and the souls of its inhabitants. Just like in the saying: to fight monsters, you'll need to become a monster yourself. This is one deep and satisfying classic RPG experience that won't leave you indifferent. If you long for the classic role-playing gameplay, you can't go wrong with Inquisitor!

Unleash your holy rage against the heretics in the phenomenally old-school RPG, Inquisitor, for only $4.99 on The promo lasts until Thursday, September 19, at 9:59AM GMT.
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tinyE: Unfortunately that's what she said. :P
Nice game, recommended
It's not the easiest game in the universe, but at least this one isn't babysitting you the whole time.

Had many good hours with it.
wolfza: If you're even remotely curious, buy the game, I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed. It's totally worth full price and an absolute steal at this discounted one.
Well, I was disappointed. It looks quite nice and I'm sure the original Czech version has its merits regarding story depth, roleplaying and writing and such, but the sloppiness of the English translation really put me off and the combat mechanics and slow walking speed probably won't be everyone's cup of tea either. IMO it's not really a game that you can recommend to everybody.
If you go digging, you'll find a lot of hate out there for this game, but I liked it. The main complaints are the difficulty level, poor graphics, and the rigid combat system. Here's my take on the:

...difficulty: The game doesn't hold your hand, period. There is never a giant arrow pointing where you should go next; rather, you'll need to talk with people. Lots of people. Most of what they say will be worthless, and some may even be repetitive.I like this, actually. It helps with immersion (which is a big thing with me) and the fact that it was translated from Czech adds flavor to the dialogue (the game's setting takes place in Old World, which is like 14th century Europe).The game is estimated to run about 100 hours, and massive walls of text are a big reason why (there's even a 76 page novella included in the extras!). If this is not your thing, you should avoid Inquisitor. Again, I think they add to the feel of the game. The palette is full of dark, muted colors, and everything looks as if it has just rained in autumn: dreary. Works for me!

...combat system: It is what it is. There's not a whole lot of flexibility, and you really do start off feeling weak. You'll probably suck down more pots in Inquisitor than in any other rpg. That said, it's not a game breaker for me. I like that every character build can use magic, and I will say this: You *want* to get Levitation.

At this price, I think it's certainly worth getting. The setting is original, and it's obvious the devs were really trying for something special here. I hope this helps someone. Feel free to ask questions, if you have any, before pulling the trigger.

Licurg: It's not that hard...
tinyE: Unfortunately that's what she said. :P
First thing I read this never disappoint, tinyE! =D
This is the only game that I regret buying from GOG. It's mediocre on all levels, except combat, which is so utterly awful and clumsy that I've yet to see anything comparable.

I really tried to like the game, but it did everything to make that impossible.
Kunovski: man, the final quarter of Lionheart was so bad! and that anticlimatic ending! ugh!
I had expectations from Lionheart, as the premesis sounded so good, but the game just managed to fell so badly on it's face it's not even funny. Inquisitor is a bit better game, but yeah, in the end I can live without both of them. I doubt I'll ever finish Inquisitor.
keeveek: It's not the easiest game in the universe, but at least this one isn't babysitting you the whole time.

Had many good hours with it.
Same here.

They could have made mages a little slower when they throw spells, it's like they use a machine gun sometimes and is especially fun when one of the spells is enough to 1-hit you. The repeating text from different NPCs and the potion shugging aside it's a decent RPG, the atmosphere is superb.

Also a game that let's you torture people, innocent or not (it's up to you) must be automatically good. It keeps away the wussies.
Double the double the doubled cross.
SpiderFighter: At this price, I think it's certainly worth getting.
Thanks for this! I always scan through the reviews first, but these helpful comments are usually what end up convincing me to buy.   :^)
This is a game that you will either love or hate. I loved it!
SpiderFighter: At this price, I think it's certainly worth getting.
ofsaturn: Thanks for this! I always scan through the reviews first, but these helpful comments are usually what end up convincing me to buy. :^)
You're very welcome! You may want to check out the forum,'s very active, and will give you a lot of info to help make up your mind (if you haven't already).

Mivas: Is Easy difficulty also really hardcore? I am interested in the story aspect but I don't want to spend hours upon hours dying because 10th level still doesn't give me an advantange towards fighting a rat.
The game's 50:50 in its execution. 50% of the time you're talking to people, doing investigation, and that's good, don't get me wrong. Buut the other 50% is a quite terrible, unforgiving grind, even on easy. You will be dying. Not that much, especially dependent on the class you have picked, but you will be dying and if you don't enjoy combat that much, you'll probably give up at the first dungeon, which by the way has about 9 floors or so with almost no dialogue in between.

At any rate, if you'd like to get the game, I suggest you getting it in the original, Czech language.
(Oh, it's Czech here as well! Nevemind then.)
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I bought this on gog on release day and still havn't gotten very far , I find it very difficult :( .... But I love how all the characters walk around like they have shit their pants ! :p