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Tasty colors! Melodic shapes! Rainbow music!

Dyad, a psychedelic arcade abstract shooter that aims to mesmerize the player, and possibly even induce altered states of consciousness, with its rhythmic pulse and vibrant colors, is available whole 75% off today, on That's only $3.74 for the next 24 hours!

[url=][/url]It's quite difficult to explain Dyad to someone who never played it. No, seriously! You could [url=" target="_blank]talk about it for over 6 minutes on video[/url], and still leave the viewer confused as to what the game is about. It's probably easier to explain what the game feels like, especially if you reach deep into the vocabulary of the groovy '60s. It would still be pointless, though, as there are some things that make sense only when you experience them, not talk about them. This game, most certainly, is one of those things.

Dyad, an abstract tunnel shooter game with eye-candy graphics and intriguing interactive music, is a game unlike the most. It sort of just flows, allowing you to experience its hypnotic beauty and immerse yourself in a peculiar state of relaxed alertness. Its 27 different levels, three game-modes, and collectible trophies provide you with many additional challenges, but mostly, this is a perfect game to take the edge off after a long day. Also, it's really groovy, and you just need to check it out, dude!

If you're up for a transcendental voyage filled with amazing colors and sounds, Dyad is the legal way to go, and the limitless trip wil cost you only $3.74 on The offer lasts until Thursday, August 1, at 9:59AM GMT.
I need to try it out sometime. So little time...
It reminded me a lot of tempest 2000 which i loved on the atari jaguar. Oh such pretty colors.