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You don't even have to prepare in school for it! I just want to know what you want to work as. I would like to be an actor.
Professional baseball player.
Producer or game designer on World of Warcraft 2, Diablo 4, Warcraft 4, or StarCraft 3... or Titan... basically the next big thing from Blizzard...

or... an owner of and a lead game designer in an independent and successful game development studio.
Paid university student, probably...
Spaceship captain.
Randalator: Paid university student, probably...
lol, I liked college so much I remember saying the same thing at one point... "Gee I wish I could just get paid to be a student..."
The job I had a year ago ...
Randalator: Paid university student, probably...
There you go

Post edited December 03, 2012 by SimonG
Something that provides a vehicular adrenaline rush:

- helicopter stunt pilot
- Vomit-Comet test-subject monitor (but not the clean-up crew)
- sports car tester
- Road America or Laguna Seca track tester
- rocket sled test subject
Music producer, or publishing (old-school - you know, books!)
SimonG: The job I had a year ago ...

I was more thinking "party three times a week, attend interesting lectures, no exams, no papers, switch subjects every couple of years, lather, rinse, repeat" and getting paid for it.

Being a research fellow sounds suspiciously like real work.
I would like to be a repair man...Cars, electronics, kitchen stuff - you name it...
GOG game tester, obviously.
My dream job has always been archaeologist.

My original career path was supposed to got that way but it all went wrong :(
SCPM: Spaceship captain.
I'm gonna have to go with this!
tburger: I would like to be a repair man...Cars, electronics, kitchen stuff - you name it...
If you're wired to do this sort of thing, it can be a highly satisfying line of work.