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Okay basically I have played Planescape Torment,Fallout-1-New Vegas, Arcanum, Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Elder Scrolls games...etc.

I have never really been much of a fan for turn based combat "unless it is done well" but I like the older isometric graphic style and art-style of 2d games. Yes I have played a lot of Turn-based games over the years but only for the story and it felt more like a chore, also I don't like games with a lot of micro-management AKA Baldurs Gate because I prefer games with only up to 3 characters to control at a time, preferably 1.

I would have to say that Arcanum was my favorite rpg that I have played so far just because of the setting while I hated Planescape:Torment and the story sounded good at a glance but after playing it I really didn't enjoy it at all for some reason even after spending 3 days TRYING to enjoy it.

The Fallout games were pretty decent all in all especially the second one but I didn't care for the art style/music and the color palette in general, just too gritty I guess.

Most of the Dungeons and Dragons type games just drive me mad, I cannot deal with the cliche nature of them, the characters overact waaaayyy too much for me, I mean yeah a crazy berserking warrior, or a calm and collected mage make sense but a Cheeky goodball opportunist rogue is just too much for me to handle.

Also I tend to roll more of a fighter/all-around type character like a Spellsword or melee oriented caster because I have a problem with rerolling if I pick anything else.

I know I seem like a really complex person but i am not that bad trust me lol, basically i am looking for.... A beautifully designed "preferably between 1995-2003-ish... nothing too new or old" deep rpg with a decent cast of characters that don't overact that has nothing to do with DnD, thanks for reading lol.
Jade Empire:

Asian theme, but not a JRPG
A party that consists of you and one other from an available group of about 10 NPCs
Not really turn based (well, semi turn based, but it feels real time)
Not D&D themed at all
Not too new, not too old
Morrowind (Bethesda, 2002), perhaps. Steam has it.

The Witcher (CD Projekt Red, 2007) is great, and GoG is the place to get it, but from what you say in your post, it's too new and you might not enjoy inventory/alchemy management.

A little overreaction comes with the territory in a fantasy rpg, but neither of these is loud and excitable in the way that anime-style games are. Jade Empire (Bioware, 2005 Xbox / 2007, PC) was a good suggestion as well. At least have a look at gameplay footage on Youtube.
I actually thought this was a gag given all The Witcher and TW2 stuff going on right now.

Arcanum is awesome, you might be getting hung up on D&D mechanics if you don't like D&D games. You can avoid having any kind of good guy in Temple of Elemental Evil, if you like. Just make a CE person and murder everyone, even the good guys. You level up really fast as a single character and can still win the game.

If you like ridiculously complex combat systems you might like Record of Argarest War (very JRPG). Blue Dragon is a meh, kids save the world JRPG, but I did enjoy it (easy game, too).

Divine Divinity wasn't my thing, but it's cheap and you may like it.

Nox is nearly as requested for GOG as System Shock 2, if you can find a copy, play it. Play the beast charmer guy, it's the most unique playthrough.

Gothic is well worth a play, the combat is screwy, but not the point, the story and factions are.

Spiderweb Software makes RPGs and is well known for his excellent storytelling (and really dated graphics, lol). He offers super long demos for his games, no reason to not give them a shot.

Din's Curse is an indie ARPG, demo is available.

Another ARPG worth playing is Titan's Quest, play it, play it now.
Check this thread out too:

oh and also: definitely play Deus Ex and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Those two are absolutely top notch. Vampires was a rushed game, so make sure you get the community patch. Absolutely must have.

When it comes to the Gothic series, I'd recommend that you play Gothic I, Gothic II, Risen and Gothic III in that order. Ignore Gothic IV (Arcania), it is dire beyond imagination.
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how about playing diablo 1 & 2?
I know you said you don't like turn based RPG's but Anachronox is quite good.
I realize that turn-based RPGs aren't what you're directly looking for, but I've long been a fan of Spiderweb Software's games. Jeff Vogel has for a while now been able to create deeply compelling single-player RPGs with a heavy emphasis on story telling, character development, and plot. The extremely low-fi nature of the graphics and sound is a major deal-killer for some, but if you get past the retro feel of these elements, there's a lot of immersion to be had.

My personal favourites are the last three Avernum games (A4, A5, and A6), though Geneforge 5 and 6 are very good too. Avadon: The Black Fortress is pretty good, though IMO it's not quite as deep as A5 or A6.
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If you haven't played it yet! Just get The Witcher! Its only 5 dollars and its a giaaaaaaaaant game to play! Just looking how much space it occupies on a HDD is awesome :P

Also, the game is a master piece, the main character is total badass and the gameplay is pretty cool.
Your best bets...

Ultima IX: Ascension (very fun dungeons, interesting world, weak everything else)
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (lots to explore, lots of things to do, weak story/characters)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (good story/characters, it's Star Wars)
Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines (everything's good, might be too new? 2004)
Go with the witcher... I wasn't sure how much I'd like it, but I thought 'hey, I've heard so much about it, 5 dollars can't hurt"

It feels REALLY nice. It's rare that an RPG actually feels good to play, especially an earlier one of this gen.
Vampire: Bloodlines, as Bagelobo already mentioned. Troika Games' swan song and one of the finest cRPGs I've ever played. And definitely not a cliche D&D setting. Think high-society vampire politics in modern-day LA, and you're the pawn in the thick of it. Very engrossing experience. It's based on the "Vampire: Masquerade" pen-and-paper RPG system. The world is sort of analogous to the HBO series "True Blood," though in my opinion not as campy, which is a good thing.

Plus, "Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader," which you can purchase cheaply here on GOG (one of their $6 titles). It's an overlooked and under-appreciated almost gem because of its ambitious scope is mixing phantasmagoric elements into a historical medieval/renaissance setting. Think 16th-century Europe, Barcelona in this case, with goblins and magic and demonic forces afoot, with five past centuries of "alt-history" to reflect the diversionary point from the, as we call it in alt-history circles, "Official Timeline," or OTL.

The game failed because the game designers ran out of ideas half-way through the game's primary plot and it devolved into a Diablo monster mash. However, the first half of the game is well worth playing; interesting setting, side-quests with multiple paths of resolution, very solid, professional voice-acting, isometric hand-drawn artistic 2D goodness, and combat, especially for fighter-types (which the game is biased towards), is quick and no-fuss, and it uses the SPECIAL system of Fallout, so you'll already be familiar with it. It could have been a second Arcanum, if the promise of the game's first half continued into the second.
Thanks for all the replies you guys, I downloaded both Divine Divinity and Lionheart and they are both a lot of fun. I found Lionheart to have a VERY good soundtrack compared to the average game and it reminds me of Diablo 2 but I like the story more.

Divine Divinity is pretty unique and seems fun but I have just played it for about 15 minutes so far, I am bad at juggling games lol but I read that it's longer so I will play it later.
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I'm enjoying Eschalon Book 2 a lot!