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Going beyond the digital!

Recently, you showed us that you're invested in making a better service. We appreciate your willingness to provide us with feedback, as it gives us a unique opportunity to shape our business to your liking. It's nice to have an active and supportive community in your corner, when you fight the good fight in the DRM-free revolution. Thank you! Today, we want to ask for your opinion on something completely different than content policies, online-keys, and beta-access. Some of you asked about official merchandise on many occasions. We'd like what kind of gadgets--if any--you'd like to see in our offer.

That's not all! Some of our industry partners ask us from time to time, if would be willing to promote their products to its users via various special offers. For example, we could offer you coupons giving you 50% discount on some gaming accessories like controllers, or keyboards. We're wondering if you're interested in an option to receive such offers from our partners. Please take a moment to answer a few questions so we know what's your opinion!

*NOTICE: The survey is now closed. Thank you for participation!*
Post edited May 10, 2013 by G-Doc
MorphysLaw: Wouldn't it be a good idea then to also ask the survey-takers what country they are from? Or are you already taking that into account?
G-Doc: For the most part we do. For some answers the location does not record, but that's a minority.
For some people, like me, the location in which I take the survey will most definitely not be the place where I might potentially want merchandise sent, because I am pretty much a nomad. I move a lot, so actual global availability would be a must for someone like me.
I think even small ads for things like keyboards or mice from third party sellers would devalue gog for me.

It's a sliding scale for me from totally cool website that has only its own stuff, right up to sites plastered with top banner ads, side banner ads, ads in the middle of articles, click to get past this ad etc.

The more ads for things from other sites, the more the site blends into the background and become just another web page. You lose identity; You dilute your image. You become no longer unique and identifiable, but one of many.

I feel very strongly about this. Not in the sense that I would boycott gog if it happened, but I'm very sure that these things I mention change web sites and how I at least feel about them.