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King Arthur's round table had 12 knights, there are normally twelve pairs of ribs in the human body, twelve people have walked on the moon, and has gifted twelve million dollars worth of games for absolutely zilch.

If you were asked what’s so special about your favorite digital distributor with a difference, you would probably mention DRM-free quality games, Fair Pricing, and Customer Love, but also the freebies. And not only the soundtracks, wallpapers, avatars, original game manuals “and et cetera” but also the six games we’re giving away to our users for signing up: , [url=]Beneath a Steel Sky, Tyrian 2000, Ultima IV, Lure of the Temptress, and . In addition to that, the world-famous Gee, Oh, and Gee, followed by straightforward dot-com has had great impressive give-aways of great games like [url=]Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut, or Empire Earth.

From the day of our launch we’ve given away approximately 888 trillion 228 billion 596 million 940 thousand and 800 bytes of gaming on the house, which, as you can easily calculate, is equal to more than 12 million dollars’ worth of games that we’ve handed out simply for love of our gamers.

To properly celebrate, we needed something special! We ran out of walruses to give our users and our time-travel feature is still in beta, so we went for the the third best thing: another free game, namely the fantastic free-roaming adventure platformer Treasure Adventure Game is a huge, open-world, platform adventure game and you can download it right now.

If you’ve been following us on [url=" target="_blank]Twitter[/url], [url=" target="_blank]Facebook[/url], or [url=" target="_blank]Google +[/url], you’ve probably heard that we’re getting ready to do some big and exciting things soon--we can’t tell you precisely what that is just yet, but we will be releasing a series of videos, starting on Friday, and then we’ll have a big announcement on Tuesday. So stay tuned and enjoy your free game!
jamyskis: Tis downloading fine here, but yeah, I'm seeing the 0MB file size.

Is that a bad thing?
serpantino: Possibly. It means they're treading on toes of other websites recently established and older indie ones. Also the quality of Indie games is a much bigger variable than bigger budget retail. I'm certainly less excited about it than if they had released some newish good retail games DRM free which seemed to be what they were suggesting.

Personally I tend to find if an Indie game is really worth getting then it'll be in a bundle at some point anyway. So far I've been right with games like Machinarium, Super Meat Boy, World of Goo, Gemini Rue... heck even Shank.

Also from looking at the website of the free game. It's free anyway, GOG's just giving it some publicity. Then a lot of the freebies they go on about giving away to new users were free anyway and when you take that into account the 12 million dollar brag is a bit cheeky.
Well, they have to pay to have it online.
Server cost isnt free you know
so even if the games are free somewhere on the net they actually cost whoever thats hosting them money.
GOG is Grande

Thee best Digital service on thee planet...
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Great news and congratulations.

GOG rocks. :)
thanks ..GOG is always stepping it up :)
Oh, thanks GOG. Not exactly what I was expecting, but you won't hear me complaining. I probably wouldn't have heard of this game otherwise. Looks like a nice enough game alright.

If GOG decides to add a slew of indie games to their catalog that's totally fine by me. There's already a good indication that it's actually going to happen considering the minute pieces of info they've let slip about it. The more games, the merrier. Just keep the old games coming as well. ;)

csmith: It would be interesting to see the value of all of the free games given away in the forums. That's got to be an impressive figure as well due to the generous community here.
I'd be surprised if they weren't able to tally up the amount spent on gifted games. It would be interesting to see an actual statistic. I'd also expect it to be pretty sizable.
darkinchworm: ... when did they give away Jagged Alliance? Aw, man.
I think it was only Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games in October 2010
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thanks gog :)
I will never forgive myself for not getting Broken Sword =/
The freebie seems like a nice game, I'll be sure to check it later. Thanks!
The only problem with the indie games is the release rates - there's too much stuff and so little time - but the guys at GOG will find a way. I'm still waiting for Munch's Oddysee though (I want to maintain my Oddworld collection together in the same place).
keeveek: And one Tex Murphy game once
Titanium: Broken sword
Jagged Alliance
icepowdah: Sigh GOG .... you are the Master of Pre-Announcements !
They really have it down to an art, don't they?
bazilisek: whatever silly pageant play they're performing there...
TheEnigmaticT: All we do is silly pageant plays.
And so you should.
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What about Tex Murphy? It was free too, right? Otherwise I don't know how I acquired it.
Leroux: Yeah, it would be nice if GOG could keep up with our playing speed; if it goes on like this we're soon running out of games to play, I already see people complaining about their non-existent backlogs and that they have no idea what to do with all their money anymore.

(Just joking! )
This. So much. I really don't get the complaints about the release speed. I've bought, over the time I am here, a game every 3 weeks (roughly) averaged out. GOG's definitely getting games at quite a bit higher rate than that; it's unlikely I'll run out of choice as long as they manage to do a bit below two every week.

And as long as it works for GOG as a company - why try to force quicker releases?
Mnemon: And as long as it works for GOG as a company - why try to force quicker releases?
Amen. Or people could just *gasp* play the games they already have? I doubt I'll ever manage to clear my GOG backlog, but I can at least try making a dent in it. ;) Not to mention my growing and quite unplayed indie game collection. Damn those Humble Bundles! *shakes fist*

Oh, I'm sure some of these games I may not even end up liking very much since some of them were very much impulse purchases - something at which I'm trying to restrain myself more. They may be good games, but they may not be for me. That's totally fine though. There's plenty of others to try.

Surprisingly, even with all my at times gaming purchase binges I've still spent way less money on games I've bought here than I've ever have before that since I've been buying games with my own money. So I may have overspent a little here and there, but at least I haven't broken the bank that way.

*ramble ramble* I'll shut up now.
Vitek: What about Tex Murphy? It was free too, right? Otherwise I don't know how I acquired it.
iirc they gave it away around christmas maybe the first year? GOG came out. I didn't claim them for some reason (picked up pandora directive way later) but I remember getting e-mailed about it and intending to claim it before apathy struck.
avatar From the day of our launch we’ve given away approximately 888 trillion 228 billion 596 million 940 thousand and 800 bytes of gaming on the house, which, as you can easily calculate, is equal to more than 12 million dollars’ worth of games that we’ve handed out simply for love of our gamers.
Hm. Weird. From the day of your launch, I have purchased, won, got for free or otherwise acquired a total of 103 titles on GOG, making a fairly tall game shelf. And I tell you, I spent about 12 million dollars on these 103 titles, or very close to that, at least according to my calculation.

How do you manage to sum up downloads of genuinely free games like Ultima IV, Beneath a steel sky and Lure of the temptress, among others, which have been free since I can remember and tell us they make 12 million dollars? How much is a free game worth? Sure, you gave away Empire Earth and many other PAID games... I for once won games in contests more than once here. But are you accounting free games somehow in your 12 million spreadsheets?
kalirion: Um, I don't know how you can give away $12 million worth of freeware.

I'll accept Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, Broken Sword: Director’s Cut, and Empire Earth since those are still commercial games. But Tyrian, Ultima IV, and Beneath a Steel Sky? Those have been freeware for years before GOG came along!

That's like if Project Gutenberg claimed to give away for free billions of dollars of books that have been in the public domain for decades.
This. You beat me to it!
Fuzzyfireball: Thanks for the freebie.

Now go get Bio Menace, Alien Carnage, Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto 2, Wild Metal Country, Command & Conquer, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, One Must Fall, Elder Scrolls I, Elder Scrolls II, and the dozen others I missed! (Mostly Epic and Apogee)

Dwarf Fortress (alpha).
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