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We're giving away 100 games a day to our users to celebrate our 5th birthday!
For the last 5 years we've been doing our best to bring the best games in history to your home computers. Now, we're celebrating our birthday, and we want you--our users--to have a blast! That's why for the next five days we'll be giving away 100 games a day via our different channels (the forums, social media, YouTube). The details of each giveaway will be revealed on day to day basis, so make sure to drop by daily and see what are we up to.
Today, we've planned something special for our long-time users, and it's all going to go down right here, right now--in the forums. We'd like to honor the people who have been with us the longest. If you think you're one of these people, post a comment in the forum thread below. Include the number of days you're on (just upload a screenshot of the "Days on" of your Account Info Page--please include that number in your post as well, to make our job a little easier, thanks!) and give us a one-sentence statement on what was it exactly that made you register with The first 100 users with the most time since registering will be sent a $9.99 gift-code.
You have time until tomorrow, that's Tuesday, October 1, at 2:59PM GMT to enter the giveaway, as at that time we'll be moving to another communications channel with a new set of rules. So, old-timers, show off how long have you been with us!
542 days as of now. Came for the free fallout, stayed for the rest of the games (first to release SS2, nice)
I've been here 1846 days. SIgned up on 10th September 2008. Blimey, has it really been that long?

I joined because I love the classic games. Plus there were free ones on offer too
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1594 days and counting.
Found you because I love Legacy games and You had the Fallout series cheap. Never looked back.
Xyzandra: I've been here 1836 days. SIgned up on 10th September 2008. Blimey, has it really been that long?
Your picture say 1846 days.
1285 days, and rolling baby!

Reason for joining: to honor the games, their creators by doing the least I can: purchase them, and have them forever :)
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1771 Days.

I think it was to buy Capitalism 2... which ironically I've barely played. I'd also heard about and wanted to support your No-DRM policy and kinda wanted to just support the store to see what else you would come out with.

Been excited by lots of it.

Still desperately waiting for Grim Fandango.
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1383 Days. Love the old games and no DRM.
1846 days

Fallout's was the lure to get me here. xDRM and running old stuff on new rig was just dream-alive.
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Why not, lets give this a go!
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1321 days

There was free game on GOG (Jagged Aliance) so I joined :)
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1740 days!!

I saw the website when I was looking for classic games I used to play when I was a kid and ran into this website and now I own tons of games from this website because of it!
745 days! Came here looking for Neverwinter and stayed forever :)
Tarepsed: Just browsing torrents for some new tv-episodes, but I figured that would look a bit bad.
Don't worry, it's ok to pirate stuff as long as it's not on GOG :P
1796 Days on

Why I joined Great classic games, DRM-free, and tweaked to run on modern operating systems? SIGN ME UP!
264 Days!

Yeah I know I'm probably the newest person here but hey GoG is great, I joined because they had a good chunk of the old games I enjoyed and lots of others I never got the chance to try.
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