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We're giving away 100 games a day to our users to celebrate our 5th birthday!
For the last 5 years we've been doing our best to bring the best games in history to your home computers. Now, we're celebrating our birthday, and we want you--our users--to have a blast! That's why for the next five days we'll be giving away 100 games a day via our different channels (the forums, social media, YouTube). The details of each giveaway will be revealed on day to day basis, so make sure to drop by daily and see what are we up to.
Today, we've planned something special for our long-time users, and it's all going to go down right here, right now--in the forums. We'd like to honor the people who have been with us the longest. If you think you're one of these people, post a comment in the forum thread below. Include the number of days you're on (just upload a screenshot of the "Days on" of your Account Info Page--please include that number in your post as well, to make our job a little easier, thanks!) and give us a one-sentence statement on what was it exactly that made you register with The first 100 users with the most time since registering will be sent a $9.99 gift-code.
You have time until tomorrow, that's Tuesday, October 1, at 2:59PM GMT to enter the giveaway, as at that time we'll be moving to another communications channel with a new set of rules. So, old-timers, show off how long have you been with us!
Days on
signed-up on Sep. 23, 2008

I think I registered during GOG beta, because I really liked your goals to bring old games back. I was actually hoping you would have a particular old game I wanted, but couldn't get anywhere (Shogo MAD). I believe you didn't have it at the time, but after 2~ months I was a very happy gamer replaying Shogo after many years.
Thank you.
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1847 days!

I joined to support DRM free games and also to relive my games that no longer work on current operating systems!
800 days - I joined initially to get the free download of beneath a steel sky.
And congratulations on the 5th anniversary
Y felicidades por el 5 aniversario.

1382 days.
1828 days. With lots more to come.
1220, nice even number!

Forgot what my first GOG game was, but I do remember that I had looked for it everywhere, then a friend of mine said "Hey, this site has it it seems like" and lo and behold, it did!

So I signed up, got the game, was a happy camper, and haven't regretted it, so many good old games pop up all the time, nostalgia explosion!
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I've been a GOG user and evangelist for 1844 days, when your vision of DRM-free classic games won me over. 2008 was a dark time for classic games, a time of fear - publishers, fearing pirates, tightened their grip, and the rest of the world feared that great games old and new would be lost forever for lack of a legal way to preserve them. And then you came along, with one simple act of trust: that there was no need to try to protect games from the gamers who loved them.

In the last five years, that act has been vindicated beyond anyone's wildest dreams. The success you've found has paved the way for even more radical tearing down of barriers between developers and players. But you believed when nobody else did. That's how I know you're committed to that ideal, and that's why when a game is available at any of your competitors, I always say to prefer the GOG version.

Here's to five more years!
1249 days. Maybe not as long as some people but I joined up for Duke Nukem 3D and found tons of old games that I had to have (again).
I have been on for 1720 days:

What brought me to GOG was the fact that I could get classic point and click games that would work on my computer without having to try to mess with the game to get it to work. Also, the DRM Free was great.
1833 days. Guess I've been here for more than 5 years already!

I originally joined for some free games. First two Tex Murphy games were free. Might have been for the big opening! Have loved it here ever since.
1846 days of reliving some great PC game memories!
1846.jpg (146 Kb)
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903 so not as long as some others. But I do remember signing up when you were just a webpage asking for email details to keep you up to date with an expected launch.
Days on
signed-up on Sep. 24, 2008

Joined to get classics. Found out about it via a feature in Retro Gamer UK.
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Only 728 Days here.
I came here looking for some good old games and affordability, but I stayed because of no DRM restrictions. Thanks for all the work you do!
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