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We're giving away 100 games a day to our users to celebrate our 5th birthday!
For the last 5 years we've been doing our best to bring the best games in history to your home computers. Now, we're celebrating our birthday, and we want you--our users--to have a blast! That's why for the next five days we'll be giving away 100 games a day via our different channels (the forums, social media, YouTube). The details of each giveaway will be revealed on day to day basis, so make sure to drop by daily and see what are we up to.
Today, we've planned something special for our long-time users, and it's all going to go down right here, right now--in the forums. We'd like to honor the people who have been with us the longest. If you think you're one of these people, post a comment in the forum thread below. Include the number of days you're on (just upload a screenshot of the "Days on" of your Account Info Page--please include that number in your post as well, to make our job a little easier, thanks!) and give us a one-sentence statement on what was it exactly that made you register with The first 100 users with the most time since registering will be sent a $9.99 gift-code.
You have time until tomorrow, that's Tuesday, October 1, at 2:59PM GMT to enter the giveaway, as at that time we'll be moving to another communications channel with a new set of rules. So, old-timers, show off how long have you been with us!
Days on
signed-up on Aug. 31, 2008

I still remember how it happened. It was my first Gamescom. You gave me a box. You gave me a beer. It was 9 AM, I've never had a beer so early in the morning before. I thought it was a Polish tradition.
I came home and joined after a few days. How wonderful it was!
Thank you guys.
Happy Birthday GOG!!!

715 Days...and lots more to come :-)
Simon the Sorcerer, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and MDK made me register with
Post edited October 13, 2013 by cutzashcu15 656 days The free cookies! Actually I think it was originally when you guys had Empire earth for free, which i don't think actually got linked to me account.
1710 days.
You had "Feeble Files" and "Giants" -> two games that I've missed when they were released and which I always wanted badly to play.
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852 Days. I joined GOG because games are good, but Good Old Games are better.
It's been 1521 days (since August 1st 2009) since I've registered on

I've joined since I've heard how it provided not only historically good games as well as having said games DRM-free.
1847 days. That's a big number, now I look at it.

And I signed up because:
- no DRM?
- a competitor for Steam?
- cool old games?
-> Sign me up!
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I signed-up to GOG 1746 days ago, and it's still the best place to find games, period! :)

I think the reason i joined back then, is because I was obsessed too much with the old games (and still I am!). And "Good Old Games" was the only site, I could find these oldies, with extra addons, covers, soundtracks for my collection! (and of course without any DRM!) ;)

Thanks, GOG!
1127 days

I registered because it was the only place to buy classic games legitimately.
1814 days! I hadn't realized how long I've been a member of this site. I think it was actually the Tex Murphy games that got me to join, I had been going through a big point-and-click adventure game phase.
1845 days. Joined GOG because I was a console gamer growing up, so I missed out on a lot of PC classics.
1833. I joined so I could get games to play on my OLD laptop that I took away with me to sea, far from Internet or graphics cards. Also: Arcanum. One of these days I'll finish that...
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1587 days. GOG allows me to play awesome games that were before my time such as Fallout, before GOG I didn't even know there was a Fallout 1, this is why I had to instantly register.
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I haven't been here as long as some people (only 1234 days).

I registered because you were the only site where I could buy classic games and get them running without jumping through hoops.
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